Poor Redfall Reviews Have Forspoken Trending on Social Media

Xbox console exclusive Redfall and PS5 console exclusive Forspoken were both trending on social media last night after the former released to negative critic and user reviews. A rare dud for the talented Arkane Studios, Redfall has been criticized for its AI, lackluster execution of ideas, and poor mechanics, among other issues.

At the time of this writing, Redfall has a Metacritic average of 64/100 based on 28 critic reviews. Forspoken, which released in January on PS5 and PC, has earned 64/100 after 124 critic reviews. With more reviews pouring in, Redfall’s score may change but from the looks of things, it isn’t going to get any better.

Jokes aside, Redfall highlights an oft-debated issue in video game development. Many are of the view that the game may have benefitted from being delayed – a sentiment that was expressed ahead of Forspoken’s launch as well.

Forspoken does not have visual and technical issues like Redfall does, but both games appear to suffer from a bland world and forgettable story. Redfall was especially criticized for being advertised as a game that supports 60 fps, only for Arkane to announce ahead of launch that a 60 fps mode will be patched in later.

While some fans say Redfall and Forspoken should have been delayed, others are of the view that further delays would not have resulted in significant changes.

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