Rise of the Dragons announced by Modus Games

Fans of classic 2D beat ’em ups have some exciting news today. Publisher Modus Games announced that the legacy beat ’em up series Double Dragon will make a return in the form of Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons. This new installment comes at a time when several other franchises, such as Streets of Rage and TMNT, have received their own beat ’em up revivals. The debut trailer that recently dropped shows off the game’s chibi-esque, pixelated art style as well as plenty of killer moves by the playable cast.

In an alternate New York City ravaged by nuclear war, Billy and Jimmy Lee take action and challenge the gangs roaming the streets. This serves as an alternate story following the two brothers at a young age, presumably before their exploits in the original Double Dragon titles. Fortunately, the brothers don’t have to tackle the city’s many criminals alone. Marian joins the fray following her playable appearance in River City Girls 2 alongside newcomer Uncle Matin. Although players will start off with these four characters, the game features a whopping nine extra fighters to unlock.

You won’t beat up the same guys every time

One notable aspect of Double Dragon Gaiden that sets it apart from earlier entries comes in the form of the new rogue-lite mechanics. Players have the option to pick missions in a variety of orders, and these determine the length, enemy numbers, and difficulty of each stage. The game even includes randomized upgrades that players can buy after completing each mission, allowing for even more variance between playthroughs.

Now that Modus Games has announced Double Dragon Gaiden, beat ’em up fans who have spent countless hours replaying games like Streets of Rage 4 will have something new to anticipate. It seems that developer Secret Base has packed plenty of content into this one, so don’t be surprised if you end up addicted for months.

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