All Enigma Puzzle locations in Warframe

The latest expansion for Warframe has players scrambling to find all the secrets hidden around the Map. Resources and currency are hidden behind many different puzzles and secret stashes that can only be found using the know-how of experts like me. I have carefully compiled this comprehensive Map by ‘borrowing’ it from u/dragonshadow32 on Reddit. It clearly displays the ever-elusive Enigma Puzzle locations in Warframe.

All Enigma Puzzle locations in Warframe

Screenshot via u/dragonshadow32

As you can see by the Map, many of these puzzles are located around the Spiral, requiring not only exploration but also some planning. Not all of these can be completed solo and will need a squad to achieve. You should go in with a buddy and fly above the Map to locate the glowing blue owl.

The Enigma Puzzles in Warframe are easy enough to spot from above. The glowing blue owl stands out amongst the washed-out colors of the Spiral. This Map still needs to be completed, but it will be updated as more are found and added.

Notes on the Enigma Puzzles

These puzzles only appear 2 or 3 at a time on the Map. Therefore, you will have to fly around to find the ones that are showing up at the time. If you have cleared the current selection out, move onto the undercroft to have them reset when you return to the Spiral.

These Enigma Puzzle locations in Warframe will take a while to complete, and it will take a few reruns of each level before you can get them all. Of course, patience is key here. Each puzzle is slightly different, which I found pretty confusing initially. Some need to be powered up by standing on top of a pad that powers the drums that need to be struck in order. Others require you to be quick with your strikes as they are a timed event.

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