Honkai Star Rail – How to Complete The Adventurous Moles Quest

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As you play Honkai: Star Rail, you’ll come across side missions that give you the opportunity to learn more about the principle characters and NPCs. Some of that extra content can be quite involved, and may yield substantial rewards. One of the most involved missions of that sort takes place on Jarilo VI. Here is our guide on how to complete The Adventurous Moles quest in Honkai: Star Rail.

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How to complete The Adventurous Moles quest in Honkai Star Rail

As you play through missions on Jarilo-VI, you will meet a few young children who play games together in the streets. One of them is named Hook. Another is named Julian. You complete various quests for Hook, including Old Foreman’s Treasure and The Return. Once you complete the second of them, which you can’t do until your Trailblaze Level is 18 or higher, you will access The Adventurous Moles.

Honkai Star Rail The Adventurous Moles Table Of Contents

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To clear The Adventurous Moles, you must find treasures in four specific locations. Those locations are outlined by The Adventurous Moles: Hidden Treasure – ‘Table of Contents’ item you received from Julian while completing the prior mission. You can access it in your inventory under the ‘Missions’ tab. If you wish, you can find the treasures in an order other than the one listed. It’s even possible to start finding them before you talk to Julian to properly begin the mission, which I did myself. However, I don’t recommend that approach. Grabbing the treasures in the prescribed order makes it easiest to keep track of what you’ve accomplished.

In every instance, you first head to a location and start by finding a note. Each note sets up a puzzle you must solve. Once you solve the related puzzle, a treasure chest appears and the challenge is completed. You then can claim any treasure and move onto the next location.

Honkai Star Rail The Adventurous Moles Upside Down Chair On Table

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The Unexpected Parchment

In Backwater Pass, find the area with a bunch of tables sitting out in an open plaza. Near the edge of the plaza, collect The Adventurous Moles: Hidden Treasure – ‘The Unexpected Parchment’ mission item that rests on a bench. It alerts you to the presence of the nearby tables.

After grabbing the note, check the nearby tables. A chair now rests upside-down on one of the tables. Investigate to lift up the seat. Then choose to lay it flat on the ground on the side of the circular table opposite the other chair. This completes the challenge. A precious treasure chest appears, containing an assortment of minor items.

Honkai Star Rail The Adventurous Moles Missing Miners Lamp

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The Missing Miner’s Lamp

In the Great Mine area, you can find ore in a crate near some oil barrels. Nearby, there is a mission item to collect, The Missing Miner’s Lamp: Hidden Treasure – ‘The Missing Miner’s Lamp’. The parchment relates a story that gives you a clue to the nearby puzzle.

Up the trail from where you find the parchment, you will find a Miner’s Lamp sitting on a crate out in the open. Behind it, there are four grids of wire. Three of them have dangling lamps. Choose the pick up miner’s lamp option and carry it over to the empty segment of fence, then put down Miner’s Lamp. This completes the challenge. A precious treasure chest materializes near where you grabbed the lamp.

Honkai Star Rail The Adventurous Moles The Crates Are The Keys

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The Crates Are the Keys

Head to Rivet Town. You need to find a cave with metal shelves lining its walls. It is accessible through two iron doors that are wide open as you approach. Not far inside the cave, you will find a table with some oil barrels near it. Check on the table to collect The Adventurous Moles: Hidden Treasure – ‘The Crates Are the Keys’ mission item.

The parchment discusses boxes that must be arranged the same. If you check the nearby walls, you will see two metal shelves. Four boxes rest on the left shelf and two blocks rest on the right shelf. Approach the left shelf and interact with it. Choose pick up the crate on top and then carry it over to the other shelf. As you stand near that shelf, select place it in the middle. This will complete the challenge. A precious treasure chest appears nearby.

Honkai Star Rail The Adventurous Moles Treasure On The Battlefield

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Treasure Hunt on the Battlefield

Travel to the Silvermine Guard Restricted Zone area, near the Frontline space anchor not far from its western entrance. Through the opening to your left, you’ll find soldiers standing around some supplies. Check the small poster hanging along the wall to acquire The Adventurous Moles: Hidden Treasure – ‘Treasure Hunt on the Battlefield’ mission item.

Now, look around the area where the guards are standing. You will see several racks displaying multiple muskets. Near each one, you will find guns lying in supply crates. Choose to pick up the nearby gun and then turn to face the nearest rack. Next, put it on the gun rack. Repeat the process with two more gun racks to complete the challenge and make a precious treasure chest appear near the sandbags.

Honkai Star Rail The Adventurous Moles Nika In Administrative District

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After finding the four treasures…

Once you find all four treasures,  go find Julian in Boulder Town and let him know you found everything. He hands over the post-script. You now need to find a way to publish the book you have assembled.

Teleport to the Administrative District and meet with Nika in front of the fountain. Let her know you have assembled the book and you will handle it over. Doing so finally completes the mission. You receive Trailblaze EXP (100), Stellar Jade (30), Shield (100), Sparse Aether (6), and Credit (6000) as your reward for a job well done.

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