How to Fix EA Error Code 721

If you’re like me and gearing up for a new season of Apex Legends on PC, you may get hit with an error on the EA app. While the game has had issues on its own, this time though, it’s the fault of  EA’s launcher. Launchers are normally plagued with issues due to being online all the time, so not everything is smooth. Whenever an EA title gets a new update or it publishes a new game, the launcher can’t keep up with demand and sends out Error Code 721. To get you back into the EA game you’re playing, read this guide on how to fix EA Error Code 721.

EA Error Code: 721 How to fix it

When this code pops up, it usually means there’s something going on EA’s side. Sometimes, this outage is temporary and requires you to relog in again. However, this guide is for when it keeps on happening.

There are many things you can do that may solve the issue. First, try to reconnect a few more times. After you’ve attempted that, let’s move on to the next step.

Another solution would be to restart your router. Follow the instruction given by the manufacturer since each router has different methods.

The next step would be to check EA’s server status, which could give you a good indicator of what’s going on.

Sometimes VPNs interrupt the connection, if you have one turn it off. You could see EA acting normally when you do that.

Starting fresh and clean could help as well, meaning try reinstalling the App. This should clear many issues that were appearing.

However, if you have used all the solutions, and nothing has happened your best course of action would be to wait.

What is the Error Code

This code normally happens when EA is having issues with its servers, these are quite common and usually go away on their own. But in the rare case, it doesn’t follow the steps above.


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