Apple quietly drops 20 new games

Apple has quietly dropped a slew of new games onto their service, alongside a new advertisement promoting their existing catalogue.

The significant boost to their catalogue includes a number of + titles such as Getting over it+ and Hill Climb Racing+. However it’s not just remasters of existing titles that are new to the platform as new exclusives such as What the Car? and TMNT Splintered Fate are being added to the service. Despite the business-as-usual nature of the drop this isn’t an insignificant set of additions by any metric.

Although it may be a lot of new games in one drop, the move doesn’t coincide with any major events or announcements on Apple’s part. Nevertheless it’s a welcome addition and Apple are playing it cool.

The Arcade is open

It’s certainly a great boost to the value of their service, though the lack of fanfare for a huge number of additions runs the risk of the same problem that underscored Netflix Games since it’s introduction, that being a lack of knowledge from users about the service.

Fingers crossed that such drops become the new norm as more substantial offerings being the defacto Arcade addition standard. After all, Netflix for example seem intent on putting their money into games, to the point of funding a new raft of hires. However, for all their exclusives Apple still relies on third party developers and studios who may want to see more promotion when their title hits the storefront.

For developers like Flexion who’ve already made big money off of their Hill Climb Racing franchise this may not be too big of an issue. But even for large developers like Paramount on TMNT Splintered Fate, first impressions for a service like this are vital to capitalise upon.

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