Best Ways to Use Trailblaze Power in Honkai Star Rail

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Honkai: Star Rail lets players enjoy a sprawling adventure in space, with numerous locations, monsters, and quests. To strengthen your characters, you’ll need to gather gear, which requires you to farm. And farming requires you to use Trailblaze Power. Here is our guide outlining the best ways to use Trailblaze Power in Honkai: Star Rail.

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Honkai Star Rail – best ways to use Trailblaze Power

Your Trailblaze Power refills at the slow rate of 1 point every 6 minutes. You can add 60 points to your supply by using Fuel or by spending Stellar Jades. You still don’t want to waste it. As we noted in our beginner’s guide for Honkai: Star Rail, you also don’t want to leave too much Trailblaze Power just sitting around, either. It stops replenishing once you meet or exceed the limit.

To make the most of your Trailblaze Power, start by spending it on activities that add Trailblaze EXP. Your options in the game open up a lot as you increase your Trailblaze Level. You should always tend to that first.

Honkai Star Rail Daily Training In The Interastral Guide

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Begin by checking the Daily Training section of your Interastral Guide. It presents you with various recommended activities. For instance, you may be able to Clear Calyx (Golden) one time for +100 Activity points. As you generate Activity points, you receive huge rewards that include Trailblaze EXP for the day.

Next, check the Missions tab in Nameless Honor. You’ll find missions divided by day, week, and period. Check through them regularly to see if there are any you can easily claim by spending Trailblaze Power. Some missions might reward you for completing Stagnant Shadow a certain number of times, or for clearing Echo of War. As you improve your Nameless Glory level, you generate useful rewards. These include a Light Cone of your choosing from Treasures of the Starry Seas.

Honkai Star Rail Cavern Of Corrosion In The Survival Index

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After you tend to any relevant Daily Training and Nameless Honor missions, spend Trailblaze Power to complete activities on the Survival Index in the Interastral Guide. Your current character progression needs should determine which activities you choose.

The Cavern of Corrosion is a good bet because it awards you Relics for your characters. Relics are rare. You may have to make several runs to get every piece of a set with a 4-star rating. Even after you acquire what you want, you need more Relics you can trash to power up the stuff you mean to keep. That’s my favorite way to spend Trailblaze Power, once I have tended to the day’s training and missions.

Honkai Star Rail Echo Of War In Survival Index

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A maximum of three times each week, you can also spend Trailblaze Power to attempt Echo of War. The rewards offered are substantial. However, I like to save those limited attempts until I know exactly what loot I need to snag. Unless I am ready to quit playing for the day, I also try to leave around 40 Trailblaze Power available. That way, I have it if I need it in a pinch.

There are other uses for Trailblaze Power, including the Calyx (Crimson) that awards Trace materials. However, these aren’t needed as often as some other resources. You can purchase some of them with in-game currency, or create them through synthesis. Be careful about spending too much Trailblaze Power on such activity. Always focus first on raising your Trailblaze Level.

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