Asynchronous horror Last Year returns to Steam after finding a new developer

An asymmetrical horror game that “previously vanished from the market” has returned to sale on Steam after its original developer shut down.

Last Year – which was originally developed by Elastic Games and “amassed a passionate player base and hundreds of thousands of downloads since it first launched as a Discord exclusive in 2018” – has been “reborn” by new developer Undaunted Games and returned to Steam as a free-to-play title.

Last Year – Relaunch Trailer

“We’ve always believed in the potential of this title,” says Undaunted Games studio head and producer, Matthew Itovitch. “When we did the marketing for the game at PAX East and West in 2018, we saw the reactions from players, and also what this game could be. Last Year definitely deserves another shot at realising that, and bringing back the game is the first step.”

Collaborative and asymmetrical horror Last Year – which came to life by way of a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign – sees you team up with four other Classmates to survive against a sixth player controlling the antagonist Fiend.

“I’m glad to see Last Year getting another opportunity to be enjoyed by our dedicated fans,” added former technical director at Elastic Games, Alexander Halchuk. “Our team created a really unique experience with Last Year, and there’s a lot of unexplored ideas and potential with the game. I’m sure Undaunted understands this, and they’ll make the right choices to improve and expand on what we’ve built.”

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