Best Kaveh team comps guide

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Genshin Impact has a new Dendro DPS in town, and he’s building up a strong offense with his architectural abilities. This broke builder is also well-known for his relationship with Alhaitham, acting as his close friend and roommate. Like most Genshin Impact characters, however, he is struggling with a dark past involving the death of his father and his poverty. At least you can cheer him up by bringing him to the battlefield. But to do so, you’ll need to pair him up with ideal teammates to fully take advantage of his kit. Here’s our guide on Kaveh’s best team comps in Genshinb Impact.

Kaveh wields a Claymore and can be summoned on the Limited Event Wish banner between May 2 and May 23. After this date, Kaveh will be added to the Standard Banner as a potential pull for all users. As a 4-star character, Kaveh will occasionally receive rate-ups that boost the chance of obtaining him when you pull on a Limited Event Wish banner. To best take advantage of Baizhu’s strengths in Genshin Impact, consider these team comps.

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Genshin Impact: Kaveh best team comps

Kaveh Best Team Comps Genshin Impact

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Kaveh is a 4-star Dendro DPS unit and has a kit built around triggering Dendro reactions such as Bloom or Hyperbloom. As an on-field character, he also has some tools to help his sustain, with heals built into his kit alongside some interruption resistance. Kaveh’s kit is meant to synergize with Dendro Cores, which are created by creating the Bloom reaction with a Hydro unit. As such, Kaveh will be utilized in Bloom, Hyperbloom, or Burgeon teams the most. Here are the best team comps for Kaveh in Genshin Impact:

  • Kaveh / Nilou / Nahida / Xingqiu: Kaveh’s DMG boost to Dendro Cores stack with Nilou’s Bountiful Blooms, making this a strong composition for Kaveh to run. Bloom teams are some of Kaveh’s strongest, as he can buff the damage from any Dendro Core reaction. Xingqiu will provide additional off-field Hydro application as well as stacking some defensive utility alongside Kaveh. Nahida can help Kaveh keep his Elemental Burst up and deal some additional Dendro damage.
  • Kaveh / Xingqiu / Nahida / Kuki Shinobu: This is a Hyperbloom team with Kaveh as the primary driver. Xingqiu provides an off-field Hydro application, while Kuki Shinobu provides the Electro application necessary for Hyperbloom to work. Her heals are also a nice bonus. Because Kaveh and Kuki Shinobu both provide heals, you could swap out Xingqiu for Yelan which should add some extra damage to your team.
  • Kaveh / Thoma / Xingqiu / Nahida: Thoma is generally the best unit to bring if you want to run a Burgeon comp, which is created once Dendro Cores are afflicted with the Pyro element.

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