New ‘Marvel Snap’ GDC Talk by Ben Brode Discusses Inspirations, Complexities, and More – TouchArcade

Following a mislabeled upload a few days ago, the Marvel Snap (Free) GDC 2023 talk by Second Dinner’s Chief Development Officer Ben Brode is now available for all on YouTube. We’ve been covering Marvel Snap a ton on the site leading up to its launch and through its recent updates and new seasons. We also awarded it our iPhone Game of the Year for 2022. I’ve been a huge fan of Ben since the Hearthstone days. I don’t play it anymore, but those were some fun years when I enjoyed playing it daily. Ben’s been at Second Dinner for a while now, and this talk covers a lot of interesting topics before he does a Q&A. The topics include inspirations, complexities, how they wanted to deliver “positive fun”, and a lot more. You can watch the hour-long talk by Ben below on the official GDC YouTube channel:

I hope we get to see more from Ben and the Marvel Snap team showcasing these topics in the future. Check out all our Marvel Snap coverage here. You can grab Marvel Snap on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here on Google Play. Grab it on Steam Early Access here. Check out the official website here. What do you think of Marvel Snap so far if you played it and what would you like to see added to it this year?

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