Rust – How Many Fire Arrows to Destroy a Wood Door?

One of the first weapons you will use in Rust is the Hunting Bow. It is extremely easy to make, and arrows are even easier to craft. You will have an endless source of ammo that you won’t even be bothered when you die and lose it all.

Once you get the Level 1 Workbench, you will discover the powerful Fire Arrow that can deal a lot of damage to players and structures alike.

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The greatest challenge that Fire Arrow will probably face is the Wooden Doors in Rust. Once you find someone with Sheet Metal Doors, you know it’s probably time to change from the bow to a gun.

So, if you are wondering how many Fire Arrows you actually need to destroy a Wooden Door in Rust, the answer is 50.

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How Many Fire Arrows Does It Take to Destroy a Wood Door in Rust?

The Wooden Door is the most common door you will find in Rust. Most players in the early game will use it, and they will only evolve to the Sheet Metal Door later.

This is why knowing how many Fire Arrows it takes to destroy a Wooden Door in Rust is very important. The Wooden Door has 200 HP, and it takes 4 damage from Fire Arrows, no matter what type of bow you use.

The Hunting Bow, Compound Bow, and Crossbow all deal the same amount of damage to structures. Even if you charge the Compound Bow to the maximum power, it will still only deal 4 damage to the Wooden Door.

Taking this information into consideration, you will need 50 Fire Arrows to destroy a Wood Door in Rust. Unfortunately, the fire it leaves on the ground doesn’t do any extra damage to the door, so you will have to shoot every arrow till it breaks.

The fire that Fire Arrows leave on the ground only damages players and slows them down. Since it is useless against structures, the Fire Arrows are very inferior to the Flamethrower.

Necessary Resources to Make Enough Fire Arrows to Destroy a Wooden Door

Now that we know that we need 50 Fire Arrows to destroy a Wood Door in Rust, we should also consider the needed resources to actually make all of those arrows.

To make 2 Fire Arrows in Rust, you will need 20 Wood, 2 Cloth, and 10 Low Grade Fuel. This means that you will need 500 Wood, 50 Cloth, and 250 Low Grade Fuel to bring down a Wooden Door using Fire Arrows.

That’s everything you need to know about how many Fire Arrows it takes to destroy a Wood Door in Rust!

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