Survivor Platinum Trophy Difficulty and Time Breakdown

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is much bigger than its predecessor and that can spell trouble for trophy hunters. More space often equals more collectibles. And even though this sequel does have more stuff to grab, the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Platinum trophy isn’t as dreary as it could be and is well worth grabbing.

Is the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Platinum trophy difficult?

There are only two small sticking points with this Platinum. The “You’ve Got A Friend” trophy that unlocks after directing each companion to attack 10 times is easy enough, but it’s missable since it’s not possible to use every companion after the credits roll. The game generally isn’t hard enough to require this sort of extra assistance, so it can be easy to overlook this ability and miss out on the related trophy.

The trophy that will take significantly more time, however, is the “Splurgle” trophy that calls for players to unlock every item in Doma’s shop on Koboh. It deviously doesn’t outright say it, but it demands all 100 Priorite Shards. Priorite Shards show up on the map after getting a certain upgrade, which makes this significantly less tiresome since doing this without such assistance would be a nightmare. The only troubling shard is the notorious one hidden in a fickle pile of Nekko poop.

However, the map doesn’t differentiate between Priorite Shards, Jehda Scrolls, and Datadiscs, so players have to get lucky or intuit what collectible the vague “Treasure” marker is referring to. Jehda Scrolls are only on Jehda and Datadiscs are only in Jedi-relevant areas like Meditation Chambers, meaning it’s not as random as it could be. Most Priorite Shards are locked to Koboh, and that narrows the search, too. “Most” is the operative word here since a handful are spread across other planets, a tricky caveat that is not implied in its menu.

Respawn Entertainment will ideally add some better collectible counters down the road, but it has much bigger issues on its plate. The game still suffers from a gluttony of technical issues and slowdown across platforms, and that should be a priority. There have been reports of a few glitchy trophies (like the “Perk of the Job” trophy), but these hiccups are relatively tame when compared to other 2023 games like Atomic Heart and Before Your Eyes that launched with notoriously buggy trophies.

The Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Platinum Trophy Thankfully Isn't Too Grindy

While grander in scope, this is all less annoying than Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order for multiple reasons. Fallen Order lacked fast travel, which made getting around and grabbing every last doodad a laborious chore. In Survivor, players can see where a collectible is and generally warp pretty close to it.

Is it a grind to get the Platinum trophy in Jedi: Survivor?

Survivor also doesn’t require players to literally grab everything. Scans, cosmetics, Datadiscs, Jehda Scrolls, seeds, stim canisters, and Force echoes are all mostly optional, and the list only asks players to kill every bounty and find every fish, both of which are listed in the menu. Only legendary enemies are not listed in the menu, but it’s not too hard to remember which alien beast you’ve slayed. This is in stark contrast with Fallen Order that made players track down every last object; something that was, again, made even worse by the lack of fast travel.

Popping the Star Wars Jedi: Surivor Platinum takes roughly the same amount of time in both games, but the philosophy of only requiring players find a portion of everything is much less harrowing. It’s a strategy that leads to less burnout and is generally more enjoyable than searching every nook and cranny, especially since looking for the last few pieces of any collectible can be crushingly tedious.

Jedi: Survivor’s remaining trophies are rather simple, straightforward, or even funny, like the one that has players dropkicking an enemy while wearing a mullet. It’s not a perfect trophy list, but Respawn’s restraint in not turning this into a collect-a-thon Platinum that takes 80 hours is commendable because it could have very easily been that. Being a Jedi requires patience, but thankfully the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Platinum trophy doesn’t require an overwhelming amount of it.

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