How to find all hidden quests

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Throughout your time playing Honkai: Star Rail, you’ll rack up quite a few quests in your Missions log. Not all of these quests in this sci-fi strategy RPG are given to you, though. You can only complete some quests and achievements by stumbling upon them randomly. If you’re wondering how to find all the hidden quests in Honkai: Star Rail, keep on reading.

How to find Honkai: Star Rail hidden quests

These hidden quests don’t exactly show up in your Missions list, but they are still worthy of completing. They can earn you anything from small rewards, to achievements. Many can be found in every area of Honkai: Star Rail, and more are discoverable as you progress the game. That also means there’s definitely more to come in the future!

Honkai Star Rail How To Find All Hidden Quests Flying Robots

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Little flying robots

These funky flying robots are in multiple areas around the Herta Space Station. There are six in total, and upon interacting with them, you’ll want to force them to shut down. Once you find all six and shut them down, you’ll complete the ‘Bzzt! Clock Out!’ achievement.

Door to a New World

Another hidden quest in Herta Space Station involves you flushing yourself down a toilet. No, I’m not joking. Head to one of the rooms in the Supply Zone, down the hall from the Spare Parts Warehouse Space Anchor. Inside, you’ll find a toilet to interact with. Sitting down and flushing it will transport to a whole other area. After coming back from your confusion, you can receive a reward for getting the ‘Door to a New World’ achievement.

Sheila’s fate

There’s a very interesting quest you can discover on the Herta Space Station. After finishing the quest called ‘Guide Paradox’, you’ll notice that you were given three tough choices on what to do with Sheila. I’ll avoid giving any spoilers, but no matter which option you choose, you can eventually find her in the Master Control Zone. Once you chat with her for a quick moment, you’ll get the ‘Does She Walk Alone?’ achievement.

How To Solve Triple Authentication Door Puzzle Honkai Star Rail

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Triple Authentication Access Room

This quest is a little lengthy, but first requires you to attempt to unlock a room in the Base Zone. To get inside, you’ll need to find three authentication cards, which is detailed in one of our guides. Once you finish this quest, you’ll receive a 4-star Light Cone as a reward.

Origami Cranes

There’s still more to find in the Herta Space Station. In the Supply Zone room with Arlan and other staff, you can find three Origami Cranes. After collecting each crane, you’ll unlock the achievement called ‘Farewell, Comet Hunter’.

Bernard’s Signal Log

The last hidden quest in the Herta Space Station involves the completion of another quest. After finishing ‘To: The Faint Star’, you’ll want to return to the NPC Bernard in the Master Control Zone. From there, give him the other Signal Log to achieve the ‘Diamond and Rust’ achievement.


This hidden quest is one of the easiest to complete in Honkai: Star Rail. Once you can access the Parlor Car on the Astral Express, interact with the Phonograph. From here, you’re able to add new music and change which song is playing during your time in the Parlor Car.

Honkai Star Rail Praise Of High Morals

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Praise of High Morals

This set of small duties and quests are quite complex and interesting. They involve going to many different areas and doing tasks, such as watering the Strange Plant in the Base Zone, or fixing a trash can in Boulder Town. In all these situations, which there are around a dozen, always make sure to choose the morally correct option. If you do, you’ll receive a Praise of High Morals item. Once you have one, you can take it to the Fountain in Jarilo-VI’s Administrative District. This will earn you a reward, and you can do this up to five times.

Misdelivered Letters

All around the Administrative District on Jarilo-VI, you can find four Misdelivered Letters inside red mailboxes. After you do so, talk to Manya, who will reward you with 1000 credits. If you prefer to earn a Praise of High Morals, you can push one of the letters back inside the mailbox.

Belebog Trash Cans

This short quest involves a simple puzzle. Interact with the trash can near the middle of Boulder Town. It will first ask you how many trash cans are in Belebog, and then ask you how many are in Boulder Town. The answer to the first question is 20, while the answer to the second is five. Getting them right will earn you an item called Pleasant-Looking Trash. Upon use, you will recover four Technique Points.

Rightful Rights Society

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Rightful Rights Society

All you must do is interact with the Phone Booth near the Golden Theater in Jarilo-VI’s Administrative District. Accept the call from the Rightful Rights Society, and you’ll receive a couple small rewards.

La La La La Land

Speak with Tamila near the Golden Theater in the Administrative District on Jarilo-VI. Chatting with her will give you the music disc Embers, as well as the ‘La La La La Land’ achievement.

Competitive Eater Championship

Once you unlock the Xianzhou Luofu, head to the Food Stall near the Starwatcher Avenue Space Anchor in Central Starskiff Haven. There are three different achievements you can earn, alongside a few rewards. Compete in the Competitive Eater Championship for either the ‘Fair and Sqaure’, ‘From Hero to Zero’, or ‘All is Fair in Love and War’ achievements. The first is earned by offering diplomacy to other contestants. You can get the second achievement by eating until you faint. The last one is achieved if you cheat your way into winning the contest.

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