How to get a platinum score in Guardian Games

If you’re not first, you’re last. The Guardian Games are, once again, pitting the classes against one another in an all-out war for supremacy. Collecting Medallions and completing events is the name of the game as we all strive to push our chosen class towards the ultimate goal of being awarded king of the hill for another year. But, of course, the better you do in an event, the better the rewards, so read on to learn the secret behind achieving a platinum score in the Guardian Games.

How to get a platinum score in Guardian Games

Nailing that platinum score in the Guardian Games will take a little more than just fancy gun work. With the platinum award, you need to complete strikes on a high level and smash through a bunch of the medals for extra points.

Medals have been added to the scoring system with the Guardian Games this year. Medals add to your overall score during Strikes, so completing these will nudge you ever closer to that 175,000 score you need for a platinum score. Although, some of them are easier to achieve than others, these are the ones to focus on. So here are the medals that will push you over the edge of that Platnum score in Guardian Games.

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Simple streaks

Focus on your kill streak and spree medals. These quickly rack up the points. Therefore, you should use a specific class, range, or weapon slot and start plugging away without dying. These are the Medals I find I can keep ticking over no matter what the focus.

Combo time

To really start getting the points flying in, focus on getting these three stacked together. Once you nail the technique to combining the Medals for the kill, you should easily be able to solo the platinum score in Guardian Games.

  • Giant Slayer – Defeat a Champion
  • Finishing Touches – Defeat a powerful combatant with a finisher
  • Insult to Injury – Use and emote just before finishing a powerful combatant

These three aren’t all that hard to obtain, but they reward you thousands of points at a time. Of course, these are easier with a fireteam, but you can absolutely go it alone too. Get grinding to get that Platnum score in Guardian Games.

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