Honkai Star Rail: Best Welt Team Comps

Honkai: Star Rail features an early roster of seven 5-star characters for you to pull for. These characters are commonly referred to as “standard” characters, as they are primarily available through the Standard Warp banner. Despite this status, these characters are nothing to laugh at. Some of these characters are amongst the strongest in the game. One of these 5-star characters is Welt, an Imaginry Nihility character that provides some unique debuffs. You can imprison your enemies and slow them, making them unable to take their own action, while dealing some great damage along the way. Here’s our guide on the best team comps for Welt in Honkai: Star Rail.

Welt is a 5-star Imaginary Nihility character and can be summoned on both the Character Event Warp banner and the Regular Warp banner. During Character Event Warp banners, when you roll a 5-star character, you have a 50% chance of getting either a featured banner character (for example, Seele) or one of the seven “standard” 5-star characters. This can happen during any Character Event Warp banner. If you roll a 5-star “standard” character, then you are guaranteed to receive a featured character on your next 5-star pull. If you are rolling for 5-star characters, you will likely get a Welt eventually, especially if you choose him as your guaranteed 5-star character at 300 pulls.

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Honkai Star Rail: Welt best team comps

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Welt is a 5-star Nihility character who specializes in debuffing enemies. He also possesses a rare niche as a member of the Imaginary element, allowing him to destroy some enemy weaknesses who are weak to Imaginary. As a result, Welt is more of a sub-DPS / support role rather than your primary damage dealer.

  • Welt / Dan Heng / Tingyun / Natasha or Bailu: Dan Heng applies Slow on his Skill, which allows Welt to deal bonus damage with his attacks. This comp features Dan Heng as your main damage dealer, while Welt and Tingyun fill support roles. Natasha and Bailu can be used depending on which one you have or the content you are facing as your team’s healer.
  • As an alternative, you can replace Tingyun with Asta. Asta also provides an ATK buff and she also provides a SPD buff with her Ultimate. Combined with Welt and Dan Heng’s slows and Welt’s Imprison, and you can delay the enemy team’s attacks by a significant duration.
  • Seele / Welt / Asta / Natasha or Bailu: This is another strong comp, swapping out Dan Heng for Seele. This gives your team more raw damage as opposed to the Slow with Dan Heng’s Skill. Asta provides your ATK buff for Seele as well as a SPD buff, and the final two are healers, like always.

Honkai: Star Rail is available now.

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