Horizon Franchise Surpasses 32 Million Units Sold As Forbidden West Nears 9 Million

PlayStation and developer Guerrilla have revealed that the Horizon franchise has surpassed 32 million units sold. 

The series, which consists of 2017’s Horizon Zero Dawn and its Frozen Wilds expansion, 2022’s Horizon Forbidden West and this year’s Burning Shores expansion for it, and the recently released PSVR2 exclusive title, Horizon Call of the Mountain, has quickly become one of PlayStation’s best selling. In a new PlayStation Blog post detailing Guerrilla’s history, PlayStation reveals the Horizon franchise has surpassed 32.7 million units sold worldwide. 

It also reveals that Horizon Forbidden West has sold more than 8.4 million units as well. 

“Millions more around the world have discovered Horizon thanks to PlayStation’s subscription services and initiatives, including PlayStation Plus and Play at Home,” Guerrilla studio director and art and animation director Jan-Bart van Beek writes in the blog post. “All told, it’s a milestone we never imagined possible twenty years ago when we first started making games.

“The reception has been staggering, and we’re grateful to the community for the continued love and support for the franchise.”

The blog post ends with van Beek teasing that the studio “cant wait for you to find out where [Aloy] will go next.” 

For more about the series, read Game Informer’s Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West reviews. Then read what we thought of Horizon Call of the Mountain and the recent Burning Shores expansion. 

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