Rust – How Many Satchels to Destroy Walls: Wood, Stone, Sheet Metal

Raiding is probably the best part of Rust when you are on the offensive side. Though it feels horrible to fight raiders, raiding can be an extremely exhilarating experience.

As you progress through Rust, you will start learning about better and better bombs and weapons to take down other players’ walls and doors.

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The Satchel Charge, more commonly referred to as the Satchel, is the best mid-game weapon when it comes to bringing down enemy players’ walls.

If you know how to get it, then all you now need to know is how many Satchels you have to use to destroy Wood, Stone, and Sheet Metal Walls in Rust. Here is the answer you are looking for.

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How Many Satchels to Destroy a Wooden Wall in Rust

The Wooden Wall is one of the most common defenses you will find in the Rust early game. A sturdy Wooden Wall has 250 HP and is relatively weak against damage. If you were to use a Satchel Charge on one, it would deal around 91 damage.

This means that you will need 3 Satchels to destroy a single Wooden Wall in Rust. Though we would normally recommend you don’t use all the necessary Satchels to destroy a structure in Rust, you would be left with around 67 HP after using 2 Satchels.

That is a relatively high amount if you don’t have time to waste. However, if you do, then you would be better off finishing the Wooden Wall with some Fire Arrows or a melee weapon.

To make a Satchel Charge, you will need a lot of resources. The most important one is Gun Powder. To make the three needed Satchels to destroy a Wooden Wall in Rust, you will need 720 Gun Powder, which translates to 1440 Sulfur.

How Many Satchels to Destroy a Stone Wall in Rust

Stone Walls are the norm for most of the server’s life in Rust. You will usually only see Stone Walls from most solo players and only get to Sheet Metal when you bump into teams and clans.

The Stone Wall has 500 HP, and one Satchel Charge will deal around 51 to 52 damage to it. So, you will need 10 Satchels to destroy a Stone Wall in Rust. Using 9 Satchels will leave the wall somewhere between 30 and 40 HP, allowing you to finish it off using a different tool.

Some shotgun shells at the end will be more than enough to end the Stone Wall and get you inside the base.

To make 10 Satchels in Rust, you will need 2400 Gun Powder. This means you will need 4800 Sulfur to make all the Gun Powder and then create all the necessary materials for the Satchel Charge.

The Sheet Metal Wall is a very powerful structure that will be relatively hard to bring down. At this point, you are usually better suited using the Satchels on any doors that you can see rather than using them on the wall.

Sheet Metal Walls have 1k HP and will take around 43 to 44 damage from a Satchel Charge. This means that you will have to use 23 Satchels to destroy a Sheet Metal Wall in Rust. This is a relatively high amount that most players would rather not make.

Still, the resource requirement is still decent compared to the better explosives weapons, such as the Rockets and C4.

If you want to make 23 Satchels in Rust, you will need to use 5520 Gun Powder, which means you will need to get 11040 Sulfur beforehand.

How Many Satchels to Destroy Stone Roof in Rust

The Stone Roof, which is actually just a Stone Floor structure, has the exact same stats as the Stone Wall. It has 500 HP, and it takes the same amount of damage from Satchels, which is around 51 to 52 damage.

So, to destroy a Stone Roof in Rust, you will need 10 Satchels. To make 10 Satchel Chargers, you will need 2400 Gun Powder, which translates to 4800 Sulfur.

That’s everything you need to know about how many Satchels you need to destroy Wood, Stone, and Sheet Metal Walls in Rust!

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