What is the Forgotten Hall? Answered

If you have browsed through social media and message board posts about Honkai Star Rail, you may have heard about the Forgotten Hall. This mysterious area unlocks once you have finished the Fleeting Lights story quest, at which point you can speak with Pom-Pom on the Express and ascertain its location once you reach Trailblazer Level 21 or so. Afterward, you uncover the area by finding a broken mirror on the Express. But before heading into the Forgotten Hall, you might want to know what this location entails so you don’t go in unprepared.

Essentially, the Forgotten Hall functions as a challenge gauntlet that pits you against groups of enemies spread across multiple floors. The Forgotten Hall contains 25 floors in total, and the game splits them between the Memory and Memory of Chaos categories. The Memory category encompasses the first 15 floors, and the level of the enemy waves gets higher the further up you go.

On the other hand, the ten Memory of Chaos floors feature much more challenging enemy encounters as well as better rewards. Unlike the Memory floors, these stages will have their enemy encounters and rewards updated every so often, providing an incentive to return and try again.

How do I maximize rewards?

Simply beating each floor won’t be enough to win every reward on offer. Each floor allows you to earn a maximum of three stars by fulfilling certain conditions, which mainly involve finishing a fight within a specified amount of turns or without having any of your party members die. Naturally, obtaining all three stars will give you the most amount of rewards.

Although you can access the Forgotten Hall in Honkai Star Rail quite early, it technically serves as endgame content. With this in mind, you should only tackle the challenges on offer if you feel that you are ready for them.

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