Darkest Dungeon 2 Trinkets Guide

Threading your way through the cyclopean horrors of Darkest Dungeon 2 is only slightly brightened by the promise of pretty trinkets along the way. These buffs, and often boons, come as rewards for distance, battle, and perseverance. Making your way toward the mountains of madness can only be achieved with the presence of Trinkets equipped to your loyal adventurers. Using this Darkest Dungeon Trinkets guide will ensure you have the best loadout you can get your hands on before facing the final boss.

Darkest Dungeon 2 Trinkets Guide

Trinkets come in many shapes and sizes, ranging from the mundane to the utterly game-changing. Some will boost your power at the cost of another, and some will craft you into a complete juggernaut. This guide will break the Trinkets down into their separate classifications, with a few select ones to keep an eye out for.


These Trinkets come in three classifications, each more powerful than the last. They can be found by anyone and equipped to any class. They focus primarily on small buffs with a slight downside or none at all. Here are a few Darkest Dungeon 2 general Trinkets to look for:

  • Sharpness Charm – Up’s your HP with a dip to Haste.
  • Bouncers Belt – A boost to healing skills with a drop in Speed.

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Class Specific

These Trinkets can be collected anywhere along the path but come at the price of being class-specific. Each one will only be able to be fitted to the corresponding Hero. They function almost entirely as a bonus to the character. Look out for these:

  • Tormenting Locket – Adds Crit, Bleed, and Fear on hits for Highwayman.
  • Knitted Blanket – Massive increase in fire resistance and damage for the Runaway.

Unforgettable Trinkets

Cultist encounters may result in an Unforgettable Trinket. These usually should function as a two-part Trinket set, equipping first the Stained item and then the second Darkest Dungeon 2 Trinket that will only function alongside a Stained one. The first usually works as a resistance trinket, and the second adds exceptional buffs to the Hero. So, my favorites of the moment are:

  • Hardened heart – 200% resistance to Blight, Bleed, and Burn. +2 Damage on every resist.
  • Selfish Motivation – One Negative Token at turn start and plus 50% Damage per negative token.
Darkest Dungeon 2 Trinkets guide

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Special Trinkets

Next, these guys can only be picked up in the Academics Study. However, they are only in specific curios and are always region specific. Therefore, the difficulty of acquisition makes them a unique find. They come with a chance to cause a positive or negative at the beginning of each battle. However, if you’re lucky, you’ll get your hands on one of these:

  • Murder Weapon – 15% of Instant Kill on Crit.
  • Faceless Visage – Completely shuffles teams; I love the chaos.

Darkest Dungeon 2 Enemy Trinkets

You need to beat select elite enemies and bosses to get your hands on these. They have varying effects across the board but usually, the better the enemy killed, the better the reward. Some of the late-game Darkest Dungeon 2 Trinkets greats are:

  • Charred Litany –  Applies burn while removing stress due to the burn.
  • Kitchen Knives – If the target is Blighted, there is a +15% of Crit on Crit gain health.


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