Diablo 4 Online Store Will Offer Only Cosmetic Items

Like its predecessor, Diablo IV will have a shop where you can spend real world money to get in-game items. Unlike the devilish three-quel, Diablo IV’s shop will only offer cosmetics that confer no gameplay benefits.

Blizzard announced its plans for Diablo IV’s post-launch content and clarified how the online shop will work. You can buy shop cosmetics to alter or change the aesthetics of the armor you have obtained by playing the game. Cosmetics tie in to class-specific fantasies or aesthetics, so some cosmetics will be locked to a particular class.

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You can only purchase cosmetics with Platinum (the in-game currency purchased with real-life cash). Cosmetics will also rotate out regularly. Any class-specific cosmetics can be used by any character of that class associated with your Battle.net account. Items purchased will be available on any platform, so long as you log in. You can also use a “preview” feature to see how a particular item will look on your character.

As for the rest of post-launch plans, Diablo IV’s first season will start in late July. Each season will incorporate a battle pass, with free rewards tiers, that sometimes grant gameplay benefits, and paid reward tiers, that offer cosmetics. Diablo IV releases on June 6, or June 2 for those who purchase the Deluxe or Ultimate editions.

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