EA ‘Indifferent’ to Microsoft Activision Deal, Says CEO

Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson has said that his company remains “indifferent” to the Microsoft Activision deal, and won’t be impacted by the merger going through or being blocked. According to Wilson, EA is in a position to remain the number one publisher on consoles.

Microsoft Activision deal is “not really material” to EA

Wilson was quizzed by investors about what has been one of the major developments in the video games industry over the past year. He responded by saying that he isn’t allowed to comment on the matter, but is able to confirm that the deal won’t have any impact on EA.

“Whether that deal goes through or not is not really material to us, broadly,” Wilson said, according to a transcript shared by SeekingAlpha. “As it stands today, I think that we’re indifferent as to whether that goes through or not.”

Wilson reassured investors that EA is in a strong position to continue being a leading publisher and is equipped to navigate any future changes regardless of whether Microsoft successfully appeals U.K.’s decision to block the merger or not.

Wilson believes that the games industry will see more consolidation activity going forward, and expressed his desire for EA to become a “meaningful consolidator.”

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