Fastest ways to level up in Honkai: Star Rail

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Throughout your time playing Honkai: Star Rail, there are many new things to do at different levels. Your Trailblaze Level is your main account level, which you need to raise in order to play new story missions. There will come a point where you’ll need to raise your Trailblaze Level to play the main missions. If you don’t enjoy grinding levels, here is a guide on the fastest ways to level up in Honkai: Star Rail.

Honkai: Star Rail‘s fastest ways to increase your Trailblaze level

The only way you can increase your Trailblaze Level is through earning EXP. These are experience points, which you can earn in a multitude of ways. Here is a list of the main and quick ways to gain EXP.

Fastest Ways To Level Up Honkai Star Rail Missions

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Completing Missions

Finishing quests in your Missions list is a great way to earn EXP. If you still have Trailblaze Missions left, which are story quests, they will usually reward you with 400 EXP. Companion Missions involve small quests with your favorite characters, which can earn you 350 EXP.

Daily Missions sadly don’t give you EXP, but Adventure Missions do. These are basically side quests, and they can give you somewhere around 100-300 EXP. If you’re stuck waiting to reach a certain level to unlock a Trailblaze Mission, clean up some of your other quests.

Simulated Universe

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Survival Index tasks

If you check your Interastral Guide, you’ll find a page called Survival Index. This shows a list of unique combat objectives you can engage in. Partaking in a Simulated Universe World for the first time gives you a whopping 600 EXP. Starting from World Three, you can also receive 200 EXP as an Immersion Reward.

There are also the Calyxes, which give you 50 EXP for every 10 Trailblaze Powder you consume. If you scroll down, there are plenty of other objectives to do, such as the Cavern of Corrosion or Echo of War. These can give you around 150-200 EXP upon completion.

Honkai Star Rail Daily Training

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Daily Training

Don’t forget to play daily for extra rewards! Also in the Interastral Guide is the Daily Training, which are easy missions to complete daily. If you reach 500 Activity Points in one day, that gives you a total of 1000 EXP, which is pretty huge. Completing your Daily Training each time you login to Honkai: Star Rail will raise your Trailblaze Level easily.

Honkai Star Rail Operation Briefing

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Operation Briefing

The other page in your Interastral Guide is called Operation Briefing. Throughout your journey in this sci-fi strategy RPG, you’ll be able to complete simple tasks for good rewards. These tasks can include enhancing your characters to a certain level, completing a Calyx, and more. Don’t forget to collect your rewards here, since each one earns you 100 EXP.

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