Latest Overwatch 2 patch breaks game with a few major bugs, Sigma disabled

Image via Activision Blizzard

Overwatch 2 just received a hefty mid-season balance patch which swung the meta a bit with some wild balance changes. Junker Queen mains, for instance, ate well with this patch with some huge buffs that increase her survivability and damage. Other characters, like Ana, weren’t so lucky. However, the real loser of this patch isn’t any of the heroes who got a minor nerf here or there. It’s the players, who are reporting a record amount of bugs that seem to be hitting the game all at once.

The latest midseason buff is bugging out, with some characters like Doomfist and Sigma going crazy. One of the major bugs that hit the recent patch was for Sigma, who is currently disabled in competitive mode due to a glitch that allows him to fly indefinitely. If you hate Pharah, you certainly wouldn’t love going against a permanently airborne tank. Another major hero bug is surrounding Doomfist, whose Power Block is not working correctly against a huge list of different abilities.

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Overwatch 2 patch breaks the game

Those who focus might have noticed another major bug that is honestly causing me some motion sickness. Strangely enough, whenever you shoot in the game, the edges of the screen will pulsate wildly. You might not notice it if you aren’t looking for it, but some players have, and it’s negatively impacting their experience. (And I suppose now, all of you know about it.) But if these issues don’t impact you, if you’re a dedicated competitive player, this bug might. Many players are reporting deranking despite going positive in their placements. Meanwhile, even the top 500 player Skiesti suspects something is wrong with competitive ranks in the game, as she revealed her rank going up despite losing frequently in her latest session.

There are also some other residual bugs sticking around, such as a bug where Kiriko cannot use her teleport ability on certain allies. Overall, this is a relatively broken patch. Fortunately, Blizzard seems to be on the case with many of these issues, going as far as disabling Sigma in competitive until his issue is fixed. Either way, if there’s a time to take a break from this game, it might as well be now.

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