How to roast Ingredients in Tears of the Kingdom

Roasting food returns to the Hyrule of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and your three heart reduction will thank you for it, especially if you’re bad at estimating jumps. When you’re next in need of toasted food to replenish your health, be sure you know just how exactly you can obtain it. Here’s how to roast ingredients in Tears of the Kingdom

Roasting ingredients in Tears of the Kingdom for your next masterpiece with fire, not words

To specifically roast and not cook ingredients, you need a regular fire. Not a fire over a pot. Those won’t work. Just any open fire in the overworld.

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If you have flint on you, you can easily make one yourself. Drop a pile of wood, drop a flint, then take out an iron weapon and strike the flint. It’ll turn into a fire for you.

How To Roast Ingredients In Tears Of The Kingdom Fire Start

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From there, select the ingredients you want to roast from your inventory. Only try to roast things found in nature- acorns, mushrooms, apples, meat, etc. Beast parts aren’t meant to be roasted. Not all natural items are meant to be roasted either. Some can only be cooked and will only catch fire and poof, such as Stambulbs.

How To Roast Ingredients In Tears Of The Kingdom Shroom Cooking

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Once you have an ingredient that can be roasted, place the selected ingredients next to the fire. You’ll see it start to smoke, and then poof! It turns into a toasted version for you to pick up again. And please do pick it up again immediately. If you leave it there it will catch on fire, turn to dust, and probably set Link on fire in the process as well, all in a matter of only a few seconds.

Toasted Shroom

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Assuming you picked it up, however, your food is ready! Toasted versions of food yield more hearts than normal, so it’s well worth the effort. Bon appetit!

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