How to Get Ability to Combine in Tears of the Kingdom

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The new abilities in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom can really change how you approach the game’s puzzles. Some of those abilities let you grab whatever items you find lying about and turn them into new weapons and tools. Here is our guide on how to get the ability to combine in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom – how to get ability to combine

With the Fuse ability, you can pick add various items to your favorite melee and projectile weapons to imbue them with devastating new effects. For instance, you can turn arrows into fire arrows. A regular staff can become a boulder-tipped mace capable of smashing through rock walls.

To get the ability to combine, make your way to In-isa Shrine. It’s possible to visit destinations in the game in the order that suits you best, but In-isa Shrine is likely the first or second shrine you will encounter on the Great Sky Island. You have to build a raft out of logs and a sail, then set out across the wide body of water to cliffs on the far side.

Totk In Isa Fuse Process Boulder Rusty Claymore

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When you arrive at the shrine, you meet with Rauru. The meeting activates an objective called The Ability to Combine. Rauru grants you the Fuse ability and suggests using it on the Rusty Claymore you find at the end of the current corridor. Grab the weapon and equip it. Then start forward and toward a few boulders on a low ledge.

You can use the Fuse ability to target a boulder. When you do, it will ask if you want to add the Boulder to your Rusty Claymore or to your shield (if you have one). At first, I thought the idea was to press both buttons indicated. That’s not the case. The game is simply asking you to make a choice. If you wish, you can add a Boulder to your defensive gear. However, the goal at present is to add it to your sword. That way, you can smash through the nearby obstruction.

Totk In Isa Shrine Small Key

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After you smash the stone wall, you will find a locked door ahead of you. To pass through it, you need a Small Key. Head right to reach a grove of small trees that produce Fire Fruit. Grab up a bunch of that item. Then look to the far wall. A treasure chest rests on a high crate, surrounded by vines. Follow the prompts indicated to attach Fire Fruit to your regular Arrows (there are some available nearby if your supply is short). Fire the now burning arrow at the vines to make the chest drop so you can acquire the key.

Next, backtrack to the previous room. Use the key to open the door and proceed. An enemy waits in this next room, along with a chance to combine more items. However, you can also sneak around behind the enemy and break down the wall, then rush to the end of the dungeon. That’s a risky but effective option if you’d prefer to avoid duking it out with a fairly tough foe. For advice on taking a head-on approach, see our complete guide on how to solve the In-isa Shrine puzzles. It’s nice to have options!

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available on the Nintendo Switch.

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