Amnesia: The Bunker Delayed Again, Gets New Release Date

Amnesia: The Bunker is Frictional Games’ next entry in the acclaimed horror series and was initially scheduled for March 2023. It slipped a few times after that reveal, and now the team has announced yet another Amnesia: The Bunker delay. The new Amnesia: The Bunker release date is on June 6 on PlayStation 4 (no native PlayStation 5 version has been announced).

Why Amnesia: The Bunker is being delayed

Frictional put out a short statement explaining the reason behind the delay. The game hit certification issues, and the studio needs two extra weeks to rectify the problems. A free demo is dropping on May 22, but it was only announced for PC.

Creative lead Fredrik Olsson took to Twitter to go into more detail. He extrapolated on what was said in the tweet by stating that multiple rare, hard-to-replicate crashes were discovered during the certification process. He also explained that the studio could fix the problems faster by working weekends and long hours, but he quickly added that that’s not how Frictional works.

Olsson stated that the crew is “super excited” to share the game with players, as it has been “working really, really hard trying to make The Bunker the best game it can possibly be.” He even said everything was coming together nicely.

There have already been a couple Amnesia: The Bunker delays since its announcement in December 2022. It slipped from March to May 16 and then to May 23 before finding its June 6 release date. The delay to May 16 was because of a “slew of illnesses” that ripped through the company. The push to May 23 was seemingly made (in addition to wanting to add more polish) partially because of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, as the studio cited that it wanted to “strategically avoid releasing during a busy week when multiple other games are hitting the market.”

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