Project Zomboid – How to Watch TV

In Project Zomboid, watching TV is a leisure activity and an excellent way to earn experience and keep up with the world’s lore. However, knowing how to operate the TV might be a bit tricky for beginners.

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This guide will show you how to watch TV in Project Zomboid.

In Project Zomboid, TVs are almost in every residential house. To watch TV, left-click on it and click the “Turn on” button in the power tab, then choose a channel in the Channel tab and click “Tune In”.

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How to Watch TV in Project Zomboid

Watching TV in Project Zomboid can be a great way to relax and pass the time while you’re in your safe house. With various channels to choose from, including news and skill lessons, it can also provide helpful information.

Now, let’s dive deep into the details!

1. Find the TV

TV, or television, can be found in almost every residential house. It’s often placed in the living room on a table.

There’s a high chance you can spawn in a house with a TV on day 1, so finding one shouldn’t be a problem.

There are three types of TV in Project Zomboid:

  • Antique Television
  • Premium Technologies Television
  • ValuTech Television

These variants have different appearances and are distributed randomly in houses. Moreover, Premium Technologies Television and ValuTech Television can also run the tapes.

2. Watch TV

You should stay near the TV to interact properly.

Left-click on the TV, or right-click on it and select “Device Option” to open the TV HUD. It includes:

  • General: General tab shows the TV’s type and the current channel.
  • Power: Indicates the current status of the TV. The TV is broadcasting when there’s a green text “A Power source is nearby”. If not, it’ll show “No nearby source available”. In that case, you need to find the generator and connect it to the TV. After that, you can press the “Turn Off/On” button to turn the TV on/off.
  • Volume: To mute the TV, click the speaker icon on the left. Otherwise, you can click on the green square to increase/decrease the volume level.
  • Channel: You can change the channel by selecting it in the drop-down box. To play the current channel, click “Tune In”.

To watch TV, left-click on it and press the “Turn on” button in the power tab, then choose a channel in the Channel tab and click “Tune In”.

Keep in mind that interacting with the TV always takes time. That’s why you’ll always see a process bar on your character’s head.

Key Tips For Watching TV in Project Zomboid

There are 5 channels to watch on TV. They are:

  • Triple – N
  • WBLN News
  • Live and Living TV
  • Turbo
  • Paws TV

While Triple – N, WBLN News, Paws TV, and Turbo tell you more about the lore in Project Zomboid, Live and Living TV increases your skill experiences (cooking, carpentry, farming, fishing, foraging, and trapping).

In case you want to improve your skill while idling, the Live and Living TV channel has the following schedule:

18:00Farming, Fishing, Foraging, Trapping

Cooking and carpentry programs are always shown first, and the final show highlights a different skill each day. This lasts 8 days before a media blackout occurs on the 9th day, cutting off all channels scheduled after 6 am.

You can gain up to level 3 in cooking and carpentry if you watch the Live and Living TV channel daily, as well as slightly progress in other skills.

TV Can Attract Zombies

The maximum volume range of the TV is 15 tiles, so it’s unnecessary to increase the volume too much unless you want to use the TV to lure zombies.

So, you should watch TV while closing all the curtains and doors in your base.

Boost XP Gain Further

You can simultaneously watch TV and read books to boost your skill gaining. Besides, you can do other activities while watching TV, as long as you stay within its volume range (15 tiles).

The VHS tape, found on wardrobes, shelves, or desks, is integrated into the TV to reduce boredom and gain more experience. If you want to use VHS tapes to gain skills, you need to look for a specific VHS variant (Dead Wrong, Mother’s Boy, The Cook Show).

You can only gain the experience from the VHS tape once. So to boost your XP furthermore, you should also look for VHS tapes while scavenging outside.

Once you have the tapes, open the TV and drag the VSH tape to the TV HUD to play the show.

In addition, you can pick up the TV and place it anywhere, but keep in mind that it’s quite heavy and requires a power source.

That’s how to watch TV in Project Zomboid.

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