We Love Katamari REROLL + Royal Reverie Frame Rate & Resolution Detailed

One of the surprise announcements of the February Nintendo Direct earlier this year was the news We Love Katamari REROLL + Royal Reverie would be coming to the Switch this June.

In an update, the official Japanese website for the game has now provided the Switch specs – revealing the game’s performance and resolution in docked and handheld modes.

In docked, players can expect 1090p and the handheld mode is 720p. Across both modes, the game will run at 30fps on Switch, while other platforms support 60fps.

This title follows on from the Switch release of Katamari Damacy REROLL, which was released on the platform in 2018. Here’s a bit about it courtesy of Nintendo’s website:

“We Love Katamari Damacy, the second title in the Katamari series released in 2005, has been remastered. The graphics have been completely redesigned, and the in-game UI has been revamped to make it even easier to play…New additional features such as Royal Reverie are also available! In his youth, the King received a strict education from his father, the Great King. New challenges have been added where you can roll around as the King in his boyhood!”

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