How to get Fierce Deity armor set and sword in Tears of the Kingdom

Of the many outfits and armor sets in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the Fierce Deity already appears to be a favorite. This is because aside from the divine and mystical appearance, it also harkens back to Majora’s Mask. Link also gets a damage bonus from wearing it, and the set sword is particularly powerful. Here is how to get the Fierce Deity armor set in Tears of the Kingdom.

How to get Fierce Deity armor set in Tears of the Kingdom

There are two ways how to get the Fierce Deity armor set in Tears of the Kingdom. The first way is to scan the Majora’s Mask amiibo to receive the set in a drop chest. So yes, you will need to actually buy the collectible separate from Tears of the Kingdom to get the armor set this way. There are plenty of retailers that sell the amiibo, but you can find it in-game, too.

The quest begins at a small cave off of the west shore of Cephla Lake. You can also use the map coordinates 2606, 1305, 0150 to locate it.

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You’ll find two treasure hunters sitting by cave entrance which mention a chest they are looking for inside. That’s the same chest you’re after. The treasure hunters joke about making friends with a dog to help find the chest. You can do this if you choose by feeding the nearby dog which will guide you to the chest, or you can skip this step and use the image below to locate the chest.

The chest spawn location doesn’t change, so you want to find the one buried in front of and slightly to the left of the glowing flower on the back wall. Pull the chest from the earth with Ultra Hand and open it. The two NPCs then speak to you and a quest starter for the Fierce Deity armor set spawns.

Chest Fierce Deity Set Quest Start Cephla Lake

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The message from the quest starter mentions three keys you’ll need to find. This is apparently a metaphor for the armor pieces, not actual keys. According to the message, one is beneath the bedchamber of Akkala’s red-crowned citadel, one is in the skull’s left eye, and the third is in an old stump in Hyrule Field. You’ll need to search these out to unlock the armor set pieces.

Where to find the Fierce Deity Boots

The Fierce Deity Boots are found underground in a hollow. This area is accessed by crossing a bridge to the center of the lake north of Mount Daphnes. Drop down and then look for some vines blocking a tunnel. Cut those vines, proceed ahead, and climb up several levels until you reach the shrine where the Fierce Deity Boots are located.

Zelda Fierce Diety Armor Set Boots Locations

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Where to find the Fierce Deity Armor

The Fierce Deity Armor is found below the Akkala Citadel Ruins. Look for a hole in the wall at 3284, 1493, 0414. It’s on the southwest side of the main structure. Inside that room is a hole in the floor and the shrine with the chest is directly below.

akkala citadel ruins shrine chest location guide

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Where to find the Fierce Deity Mask

The Fierce Deity Mask is located underground Skull Lake. You must access the cavern through a hole at the top of the giant stone pillar in the middle of the lake. You’ll either need to climb the pillar or climb on top the nearby cliff and use a rocket to gain height and then deploy the Glide Shirt or Paraglider to reach the access hole.

Drop all the way down and fight your way to a stone obstruction. You can either hammer or bomb the stone to proceed through. The shrine with the chest is in the next room but there is a boss called Stalnox guarding the area. You can simply run past it and climb up the hill in the center of the chamber to find the shrine.

Mask Skull Lake Location shrine chest guide

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How to get the Fierce Deity Sword

Once you have the Fierce Deity armor set equipped, you can acquire the sword back at the first cave where the quest started. Simply walk in to the cave and the obstructed door will give way to reveal the shrine.

As you’ll soon find out, the Fierce Deity armor is powerful for a set you can get early on in Tears of the Kingdom, and the process for how to get it isn’t that difficult. The Majora’s Mask vibes are sure to hit once you have everything equipped.

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