Rust – How to Get Arctic Suit

The Hazmat Suit is probably one of the best types of armor you can wear in Rust. It will allow you to visit any dangerous monument full of radiation without worrying about dying. It also provides decent protection from bullets, and it is waterproof.

Since the Hazmat Suit is such a good piece of clothing, you can imagine that its reskins are just as amazing. The Arctic Suit is listed as a different skin for the Hazmat Suit, but it has different stats, and it allows you to be protected from almost all possible negative debuffs in Rust.

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The Arctic Suit will protect you from radiation, cold, and water, allowing you to explore absolutely any location on the island without any problems. As some fans would say, the Arctic Suit is the perfect pay-to-win armor.

To get the Arctic Suit in Rust, you will have to buy the Arctic Pack for around $13. The only way you can get it for free is in Creative mode, using the command console.

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How to Get Arctic Suit in Rust

Players can get the Arctic Suit in Rust by paying $13 in the Rust Item Shop to get the Arctic Pack. You will also get a reskin for the AK and the Snowmobile.

If you actually want to buy the pack, just start the menu and open the Item Shop. You can find the Arctic Pack in the General tab. You can also go on Steam and directly buy it there using this link.

To get the Arctic Suit after buying the pack in the Rust Item Shop, you will either have to change the skin for free for a Hazmat Suit at a repair bench or craft one from zero, choosing the preferred skin. You can also do this with an AK to get the Ice Assault Rifle.

The Arctic Suit is superior to the normal Hazmat Suit since it has 33% protection against cold, which will nullify all cold debuffs in Rust. It also has only 33% radiation protection, compared to the Hazmat Suit, which has 50%. But 33% is more than enough for all of the monuments in the game.

Since it is also waterproof, the Arctic Suit will nullify all negative environmental effects in Rust, making it the best piece of clothing for scavenging and exploring in the game.

How to Get the Arctic Suit in Creative Mode

The Arctic Suit is probably one of the best armor you can wear in the game. However, most players will probably not want to spend money to get a Hazmat Suit skin in Rust.

If you want to try it out or wear it for free, you can always just play on a Creative server for a bit and get it using the command console.

Just press F1 and click on the Items tab in the upper left corner of the screen. Type Arctic and you will see the Arctic Suit appear there, along with the Arctic Scientist Suit. Just hover over it and press the Arm option to get one in your inventory.

You can now wear the pay-to-win Arctic Suit as much as you want in Rust Creative, where the clothes you wear don’t really matter. Still, you can see if you like it and decide if the purchase is worth it or not. You can also get the Ice AK to see if you like its design or not.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get an Arctic Suit in Rust!

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