Stardew Valley – Where to Find Leah

Though a lot of people like Leah and want to befriend her in Stardew Valley, most of them won’t be able to find her, no matter how much they look. Her hobbies are just too different from the ones of the farmer.

Leah has one of the weirdest schedules in the game, and she likes spending time either in her house or at locations where you will almost never go. Since she usually only leaves her house at 12 PM, many players never find her.

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There are also days when she leaves her house at 4 PM, confusing even more players that don’t have access to her cottage yet.

To find Leah in Stardew Valley, you will usually either have to have access to her house or just wait for her when she leaves the cottage at around 12 PM.

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Where to Find Leah in Stardew Valley

Depending on the season, Leah can have a very different schedule. To find her easily, you will need to know exactly what she does and when she does it in Stardew Valley.

Leah lives in a little cottage south of Marnie’s Ranch. She will spend most of her time there but will occasionally leave the house.

So, to help you find Leah without any effort in Stardew Valley, here is her exact schedule, depending on the season:

Leah’s Schedule in the Spring in Stardew Valley

In general, Leah will have a relatively boring schedule in the Spring, as she will only leave her house at around 12 PM. She will then head over to the river south of her cottage and walk around there for a bit until going back home at around 7:30 PM. You can usually find her on the dock, drawing.

On Mondays, however, she changes up her schedule a bit, as she heads over to Pierre’s at around 11 AM and returns home at 5 PM.

On Fridays, Saturdays, and rainy days, she will only leave her house at around 4 PM to head over to the Saloon. She will return home at around 11:40 PM.

The only other schedule change that she has is on 16 Spring, as she heads over to the clinic for her yearly checkup. She will head there from home at 10:30 AM and then leave to get to the Saloon at 4 PM. She’s consistent, as she heads back home at 11:40 PM on this day as well.

Leah’s Schedule in the Summer in Stardew Valley

To find Leah in the Summer in Stardew Valley, we will need to know if you’ve fixed the bridge at the Beach or not. If you fixed it, she will leave her house at 12 PM and head over to the tidal pools that can only be reached by passing the Beach bridge. At 7 PM, she leaves the beach and heads back home.

If you haven’t fixed the Beach bridge, she will just head over to the normal part of the Beach to draw. The schedule is exactly the same, but she will be enjoying her time a bit to the West.

Her schedule remains exactly the same in the Summer as it was in the Spring, as she heads over to the Saloon on Fridays, Saturdays, and rainy days at 4 PM, and she goes shopping on Mondays at 11 AM at Pierre’s.

Leah’s Schedule in the Fall in Stardew Valley

In the Fall, Leah will just change the spot where she goes to draw. You can find Leah in Stardew Valley on Fridays, Saturdays, rainy days, and Mondays at the same locations you did in the Summer and Spring.

On Fridays, Saturdays, and rainy days she will be at the Saloon from 4 PM to 11:40 PM, and on Mondays, she will go shopping at Pierre’s from 11 AM to 5 PM. Otherwise, she will be at home on those days.

The only thing that changes is that she won’t go to the Beach at 12 PM anymore. She will head over to the Eastern side of the river, next to the Blacksmith. She will wander next to the river there until 7 PM when she goes back to her cottage.

Leah’s Schedule in the Winter in Stardew Valley

Winter is the easiest time to find Leah in Stardew Valley, as she rarely leaves the house. Almost every day, she will leave her house at 4 PM to head over to the Saloon. At 11:40 PM, she will head back home. Otherwise, you will find her inside her cottage.

On Mondays, when it doesn’t rain, she will also go to Pierre’s at 11 AM to do her shopping and go back to her house at 5 PM.

The only other difference in her schedule is that she goes on 15 Winter to the Night Market instead of the Saloon. But the hours are the same, and you are likely to find most characters waiting at the Night Market during that period.

That’s everything you need to know about where to find Leah in Stardew Valley!

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