Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom players are making super-long bridges

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is rife with opportunities for cheating.

I’m not talking about actual hacking or cheating — Nintendo historically hasn’t been down with players cheating in its games. The cheating I’m talking about refers to playing the game in a way that may not have been intended by the developers. Now, fans of Tears of the Kingdom are taking that ethos to new levels; they’re building super bridges to solve all their problems and sharing clips of their work on platforms like TikTok.

In Tears of the Kingdom, Link has a new ability called Ultrahand. This allows him to pick up and arrange objects as well as glue them together to create a larger structure. It’s a key change introduced in Tears of the Kingdom, and it introduces several sandbox mechanics as players build machines and other constructs to help them solve puzzles or navigate Hyrule’s rugged environment.

Most importantly, you can use this ability to make a bridge. You can essentially make a bridge out of anything. Sure, wood from a chopped-down tree works, but there are plenty of other random materials scattered across Hyrule that you can adhere together to make a bridge and get from one place to another. Players have been demonstrating just how much they can do with a simple, but very long, bridge.

If you build a bridge and then leave the area, whatever you build will disappear. So some people are just carrying their bridge from place to place like a goddamn 100-foot handbag.

Others are convinced that they’ve broken the physics of the game by making a bridge that’s too long.

This person made a bridge long enough to rival the Bridge of Eldin and somehow crammed it into a shrine. Don’t ask me where all the pillars came from — it’s ridiculous.

My personal favorite is this clip in Mayachin Shrine — the bridge isn’t that long, but it is scrappy. It’s certainly a unique way to way to solve the puzzle.

It’s sort of the one-track mind, himbo-istic solution that just makes sense to me. Oh, you can’t get to a tower? Build a bridge. You don’t want to fight all the Bokoblins? Build a bridge to circumvent them. Don’t understand a timing puzzle? Just use the items to build a bridge. I can’t build a mech or a war machine or even a fully functional glider at this point, but do you know what I can confidently build? A bridge. And it works.

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