How to Destroy All the Constructs in Mayachideg Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom introduces mechanical creations known as Constructs. They occupy shrines and sky islands for the purpose of carrying out ancient orders. Sometimes, those orders tell them they need to kill Link. In shrines of one sort, you lose access to your standard equipment and must defeat a number of Constructs with limited resources. These challenges can be severe, due to the options at hand, but creative play will see you to victory. Here is our guide explaining how to destroy the Constructs in Mayachideg Shrine in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom – how to destroy all the Constructs in Mayachideg Shrine

In shrines such as this one, you need to get creative in order to survive against superior numbers that can quickly overwhelm you. To destroy all the Constructs in Mayachideg Shrine, arm the mechanical machines and send them after your targets while you steer clear.

Totk Mayachideg Shrine Mechanical Minions

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Heading forward from the entrance, grab the Wooden Stick. Then descend along the ramp-like area toward a lone Construct. Above it, you’ll find machines you can activate in a moment. For now, move past them. Run down to the Construct and wail on it until it explodes. Then collect any nearby loot as the nearby door opens to reveal an open area. Run back uphill and use the Ultrahand ability on the metal plates with spikes protruding. Attach the plates to the nearby machines, affixing one spiked sheet to each machine. Then bring the machines down to the opening that appeared when you destroyed the first Construct.

Look ahead and you’ll see a series of ledges with more Constructs patrolling. Unleash both of your machines so they head off in that direction. Aim them at the center ramp directly ahead of you, or off to its left a bit. Your machines are meant to act as a diversion to draw attention to that side. Then, when the visible Constructs are thus engaged, rush out and keep to the right. Run past the bulk of the platforms. Then veer left as you approach the back side of the chamber.

Totk Mayachideg Shrine Construct On The High Ground

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While the Constructs continue to amuse themselves with the machines you set loose, look for new machines along the back side of the platform. Outfit these with special weapons gathered in the same area. Near the very back side, you will find a piece of gear that fires a lethal laser. Another fires rockets. Attach such components to more machines. Deposit the laser-firing machine on the low level so it can race toward any cluster of Constructs. It will probably eliminate most of them in a matter of seconds.

Watch out for the Construct overseer

The above strategy does most of the work for you in the shrine. However, you must monitor a Construct that likes to keep to the high ground. It fires projectiles at you, and is less easily distracted by your mechanical minions. I suggest beating it down with a melee weapon, if you can approach it without drawing attention from the other Constructs.

Once you destroy the last of the Constructs, your original equipment is returned. You are free to collect your reward (a powerful Captain III Spear) from a treasure chest near the end of the shrine. Then you can continue your journey.

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