This 9-year-old solved the broken rail puzzle in Tears of the Kingdom with pure engineer skills

Yet again, Nintendo has absolutely blown the gaming world apart with its latest release of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom. The newest installation has come to roaring praise across the board. Players are burning hundreds of hours into discovering the map and the many wonderful puzzles and secrets hidden within. One of the puzzles that have people really scratching their heads is the broken rail. This puzzle requires you to figure out how to ride up the track to the next level of the ground. Some wiley 9-year-old has already used his engineering skills to conquer the broken rail.

How my nine year old kid made it across the broken rail
by u/ThomasSirveaux in tearsofthekingdom

A 9-year-old broken rail solution

By simply collecting together four minecarts and a group of fans, the young engineer has managed to push themselves across the gap that had so many players stumped. The length of the carriage ensures that when the front cart hits the gap, the weight holds it steady. Incidentally, when the rear hits the gap, the weight of the front keeps the back just about supported enough to ride over the open space. The 9-year-old who solved the broken rail puzzle in Tears of The Kingdom is being presented with his honorary engineering degree later this month.

Puzzles on puzzles

Tears of The Kingdom has an estimated playtime of over fifty hours. Therefore, it is no doubt going to be on people’s lips for weeks to come. Alongside the deep and detailed storyline comes the usual swathe of puzzles and hidden secrets just like the broken rail. It’s these little extras that keep players invested for more than just the, very impressive, core gameplay time. As with the previous Zelda games, there will be little bonuses found by players months down the line, not to mention the absolute lunacy that comes when people start to mess with the physics engines. Don’t forget to check out all our guides for Tears of The Kingdom for all your gaming needs.

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