How to complete Gloom Borne Illness in Tears of the Kingdom

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has a load of different side activities you can partake in. Many of these are hidden away in the massive open-world that the game has to offer which can also be solved in numerous different ways. Side Adventures are one of the more fun side activities in the game, giving you a mini quest of sorts to figure out on your own, and sometimes giving you tangible rewards at the end of it. One example of a great Side Adventure is the Gloom Borne Illness Side Adventure, which is how you lower the inflated prices of the clothes shop in Kakariko Village. If you’re having issues completing this quest, we can help you out. Here’s our guide on how to complete Gloom Borne Illness in Tears of the Kingdom.

How to complete Gloom Borne Illness in Tears of the Kingdom

The Gloom Borne Illness quest will ask you to aid a villager’s family member, who’s bed-ridden due to the effect that the Gloom is having on her body. This has caused the prices in Enchanted, Kakariko Village’s clothes shop, to skyrocket to hopefully pay for her recovery. You can aid this villager’s family member by cooking up a special porridge that can cure the hearts you lose by walking on gloom, this in turn will then remove her gloom illness. This is luckily pretty easy to make.

Which items do you need and how to get them

The first thing you’re going to want to have to complete the Gloom Borne Illness quest is Sundelions, which you can find very easily across the sky islands of Tears of the Kingdom. When I completed this quest I happened to have about 30 of these on me just from casual exploring, and this is the hardest item to find that you need for this quest, so it’s great that it’s pretty easy to find.

The other two items you need to cook the porridge in Gloom Borne Illness are Hylian Rice and Hylian Milk. You can find these by shopping at general stores across Hyrule, and with traveling merchants. Sadly, the store in Kakariko doesn’t sell both of these, so you’ll have to travel elsewhere to find these ingredients. The general store in Hateno Village does stock both of these, so you can head east to Hateno and find these easily.

Here’s Hateno Village on the map. Screenshot by PC Invasion

After you have all the ingredients, it’s time to cook. Place one of each ingredient into a cooking pot and you should have the porridge needed to complete Gloom Borne Illness. Talk to the villager, and you’ll then be able to help her ill family member.

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