How to get Satori Mystic Armor in Tears of the Kingdom

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In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll come across glowing blue rabbit-like creatures that bound away as you approach. If you hit them with arrows or other weapons, they’ll scatter a handful of rupees in their wake. What you might not know is that you yourself can acquire gear that protects you in a similar fashion. Here is our guide explaining how to get the Satori Mystic Armor in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom – how to get Satori Mystic Armor

The glowing blue creatures are known as Satori. You can’t kill them because their magical fur causes them to lose rupees instead of taking damage. That’s what the Mystic set accomplishes when you wear it yourself.

To get the Satori Mystic Armor, you must find Bubbul Gems for Koltin. First you need to find him, though. Then you need to find him again, and again, and again (he moves around a lot). You also need to find frogs that lurk in the various caves around Hyrule. There’s a lot of finding involved.

Totk Mystic Robe Kolton And Kilton

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Start your quest to obtain the Mystic set by meeting with Koltin and his brother not far from the Woodland Stable. The meeting will likely occur near the start of your adventure, although I had played for most of a couple dozen hours before I finally stopped to talk to those characters. For more detailed information about where to meet them initially, see our guide on how to get the Bokoblin Mask.

During the initial meeting, you can explore the nearby cave to find a Bubbul Gem. The frog in that cave is in plain sight, but such creatures are often well hidden behind weak rock walls you must break using weapons infused with stone. In case you want an idea of their devious nature, here’s a link to our guide explaining how to find the Pit Cave frog. They also tend to have Horriblin bodyguards.

Totk Mystic Armor Kolton Hands Over Robe

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When you give the first Bubbul Gem to Koltin, he hands over the Bokoblin Mask. In subsequent meetings, you must exchange multiple gems at once to receive other items from his list, including the three components of the Mystic set: the Mystic Robe, the Mystic Trousers, and the Mystic Headpiece.

To get the final piece of the Mystic set, you must find every Bubbul Gem item. There are nearly 50 of them. When you make any exchanges, the order in which items are offered is set. That means you can’t simply refuse to deal with Koltin if he suggests a trade you don’t like. I tried that approach thinking I was clever, but it turned out I was not. You have to work through the full list, and that means you’re in for a lot of spelunking.

Totk Mystic Armor Tarrey Town Location On Map

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After your first meeting, Koltin heads off on an adventure. Every time you meet him after that, he makes any trades you might like and then departs again. Koltin only appears at night, with a glowing hot-air balloon he sets up on a hillside near whatever town you warp to once night falls. The precise location varies but is always within medium range of a town or stable. For instance, you might find him to the west of Lookout Landing’s walls if you warp there at night. On another night, he might appear to the south. The best bet to find him in a hurry is to use a Skyview Tower to launch into the air and check out the local landscape. You need to get to him before 4AM or he’ll refuse to deal with you.

If you need help finding Koltin for your first time, meet with his brother. When you talk to Kilton in Tarrey Town, he gives you an idea about where to find Koltin’s shop locally. It should be north of the town, on a hillside. You can rush to that location and meet Koltin by night. If you are having trouble actually finding Tarrey Town, see the map above. Kilton himself appears along the north side of the village square, wearing a robe.

Totk Mystic Armor Cherry Blossom Tree And Apple Offering

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Now that you know all about Koltin, there remains the matter of your hunt for those precious frogs. Although the frogs live in caves all over Hyrule, none of them appear again after you vanquish them. As you might imagine, this makes it difficult to keep track of which of the dozens of frogs you have found and which ones remain at large.

If you need help determining where you might find the next live frogs, present an offering to a wild Satori. To pull off this neat trick, just visit a cherry blossom tree. There are several of them growing throughout Hyrule. They have what resemble water basins nestled against the base of their trunks. Place an apple or other fruit in such a basin. A sequence follows wherein a large Satori appears. Once that scene concludes, blue lights appear to mark any nearby caves with frogs you have not yet slain. You should be able to see the blue light sources even from a long distance.

Make your way to the nearest relevant caves and beat the frogs inside to grab your next Bubbul Gems. You can probably tend to several caves in succession before your blessing vanishes. Repeat the process until you find every last frog. If you find caves and determine they are too difficult, at least you will be able to mark their location on your map to find again later.

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