Rust – How to Get Tarp

There are some items in Rust that most players will immediately recycle each time they find them. The Tarp is one of these items, as some players will rarely have to use it for anything.

The Tarp exists only as a crafting material for some of the most useful farming items. If you want to grow crops in Rust, you will need Tarp.

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Unfortunately, there is no simple place where you can just go and get Tarp, as you would Stone or Sulfur. Unlike those resources, you will have to look through crates and barrels and hope for the best.

To get Tarp in Rust, you will need to either break barrels and hope that one of them gives what you need or go looking for sunken treasure.

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How to Get Tarp in Rust

There are three ways to get Tarp, which will send you to four different locations on the map. Here is how to get Tarp in Rust:

  • Break Barrels Along the Road
  • Look for Sunken Treasure on the Seas
  • Defeat and Loot Dwellers

Break Barrels

The best way to get Tarp in Rust is to break simple barrels. Each barrel has an 8% chance to drop Tarp each time you destroy it. That is a relatively high chance, considering how many barrels you can find in the world of Rust.

The best place to find a lot of barrels is the roads. As you walk along the roads of the island, you will find random junk piles and broken-down vehicles that will have simple loot.

Many of these spots will have a lot of barrels that you can break using either a simple stone or a different kind of weapon.

Most players that only need one or two pieces of Tarp can quickly get what they need just by walking along the roads.

However, if you are one of those players that like living on the sea, using only a boat and a lot of Low Grade Fuel, then you can also find a lot of barrels with Tarp inside on the junkpiles floating on the water.

While you are looking for Tarp on the water, you can also accidentally find bottles floating over sunken treasures, where you have a huge chance of finding the Tarp.

Sunken Crates and Chests

If you spend a lot of time on the water using boats and also have diving gear, you can find white bottles floating in random locations where you can dive in and find sunken treasure.

In these locations, you can get either Sunken Crates or Sunken Chests, which you will have to cut loose from the sunken ship and loot when they get to the surface.

These sunken treasures will usually give you a guaranteed amount of Scrap and have a really high chance of giving you Tarp as well.

The Sunken Chest has a 38% chance of giving you from 1 to 3 Tarp each time you loot them. The Sunken Crate has a 21% chance to give you 1 to 2 Tarp.

Since you will also get other good loot from these sunken treasures, they are usually worth the effort. Still, they can be a huge effort for someone playing solo.

Having a friend to help can be very useful, as one can untie all of the treasures while the other stands at the top and loots all of them when they resurface.

Loot Dwellers

There are two types of enemies that have a 15% chance of giving Tarp as loot when you kill them. The Tunnel Dweller and the Underwater Dweller are good sources of Tarp if you like to go guns blazing for resources.

If you like visiting the Underwater Labs, then the Underwater Dweller is an excellent choice to kill and get Tarp in Rust.

Unfortunately, you will need diving gear to get to this monument, so make sure you prepare beforehand.

If you don’t like the water, then the Tunnel Dweller is also a good source of Tarp, as you just need to use one of the many access points to get underground.

The only problem with Tunnel Dwellers is that there are usually other players in the tunnels as well.

You will often have to fight players as well as Tunnel Dwellers to get Tarp. Luckily, you will end up getting many other resources if you are the one that wins the duel.

What to Do with Tarp in Rust

Now that you managed to get Tarp in Rust, you should also know what you can use it for.

Here is a list of all the items you can craft using Tarp, including the amount needed:

  • Hazmat Suit – 5 Tarp
  • Above Ground Pool – 3 Tarp
  • Composter – 2 Tarp
  • Large Planter Box – 2 Tarp
  • Large Water Catcher – 2 Tarp
  • Boogie Board – 1 Tarp
  • Frog Boots – 1 Tarp
  • Inner Tube – 1 Tarp
  • Paddling Pool – 1 Tarp
  • Small Planter Box – 1 Tarp
  • Small Water Catcher – 1 Tarp
  • Water Barrel – 1 Tarp

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Tarp in Rust!

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