OSRS’ Combat Achievements Are Now Point-Based

Combat Achievements are a relatively new addition to Old School RuneScape that entered the game in July 2021. They were inspired by the very popular Achievement Diaries, where you have to do specific skill-related tasks in specific areas, like the Wilderness Diary or the Ardougne Diary. With Combat Achievements, you need to perform tasks related to specific bosses or monsters or use specific game mechanics, like thralls, regardless of the monster you’re killing. For example, an easy boss-related task involves attacking Tempoross by loading the cannons on both sides, or a medium monster-related task involves killing a Skeletal Wyvern for the first time.

The Original Combat Achievements

Jagex initially brought the Combat Achievements as an imperfect copy of the Achievement Diaries, where you have to perform all the tasks in a set, in the sense that you’d have to complete all of the tasks in the easy category to earn the rewards for the easy combat achievements. This is similar to how you must perform all the tasks in a specific achievement diary to get the rewards, such as completing the easy Falador diary for Explorer’s Ring 1 and all the other rewards.

While Jagex keeps expanding the Combat Achievements by adding more and more tasks, especially when they release new combat-related content, the change regarding the points-based Combat Achievements does not relate to the tasks themselves but to how you’ll be able to get your rewards or complete the tiers.

Why the Change?

Since there are only a few lower-level combat tasks and loads of hard, elite, and master combat tasks, completing the combat achievements was a rather frustrating journey, with huge gaps between when you’d be rewarded for the combat tasks you’ve done since you’d need to complete all of them in a specific category before being able to collect your rewards, and even more so, you’d need first to complete the lower tier so you could get the higher tier rewards.

This meant that even if you completed all of the medium, elite, and hard tasks, for example, you couldn’t have claimed your rewards without completing the easy set. This also translated into a very frustrating experience since most of the easy tasks are locked behind content that’s grindy yet not rewarding, like killing Moss or Hill Giants for their respective bosses: Bryophyta and Obor.

Point-Based Combat Achievements

With the points-based system, it will be much easier and at least less stressful to complete the early tiers of the Combat Achievements. This is because now, each task will give you a set number of points that will count towards completing each of the six tiers of the achievements (easy, medium, hard, elite, master, and grandmaster). The easy tasks are worth 1 point each; the medium tasks are worth 2 points; the hard tasks 3 points; the elite 4, master 5, and grandmaster 6. This means you can choose to complete 12 easy tasks, 4 hard tasks, or just 2 grandmaster tasks, and you’ll reach the same progression toward the next level reward.


The rewards milestones have also been designed to get the same rewards even if you’ve already completed some combat achievement tiers. These milestones take into account the number of points provided by each tier of tasks:

  • 33 easy tasks = 33 points needed for the easy tier of rewards
  • 41 medium tasks = 115 points needed for the medium tier of rewards
  • 63 hard tasks = 304 points needed for the hard tier of rewards
  • 129 elite tasks = 820 points needed for the elite tier of rewards
  • 129 master tasks = 1465 points needed for the master tier of rewards
  • 90 grandmaster tasks = 2005 points needed for the grandmaster tier of rewards


Jagex has also slightly adjusted the interface of the combat achievements to allow you to track your progress better and let you know when you can collect your rewards from Ghommal or how many points you need until you unlock the next set of rewards. Navigating the rewards tab will also see your overall progress instead of just the bar to the next reward tier.

Collect Your Rewards

To collect your rewards, you can use a Combat Bracelet to teleport to the Warrior’s Guild and walk out of the guild or a Game’s Necklace to teleport to Burthrope and run west to reach the Warriors Guild, where you can find Ghommal.

You can get some quite fantastic quality-of-life upgrades from the Combat Achievements. For example, starting with the easy tier, you’ll get more points for each Pest Control run, and you’ll be 5 percent more likely to get easy clue scrolls. The medium tier provides a similar bonus for medium clue scrolls and will also give you 5 daily teleports to the God Wards Dungeon entrance. For the medium diary, the rewards include holding more cannonballs in your cannon. The hard tier will give you—amongst other rewards—the ability to cosmetically upgrade your Dragon Hunter Crossbow. Starting with the hard tier, you’ll gain a reward that will modify the number of followers you have to kill within the God Wars Dungeon before entering a boss room.

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