Stardew Valley – Where to Sell Crops

Stardew Valley is a relaxing life simulation game where you can live your life as a true farmer. As you grow your crops and tend to your farm, you will realize that cash is king in Pelican Town.

Since you will need to make a lot of money to find the true love of your life in the village, you will have to sell all of the crops you are growing.

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Players will plant seeds every other day, and they will get some really good crops that you will have to sell to make money. However, you will have a few choices when it comes to where you want to sell everything.

If you want to get rid of what you’ve grown, there are two places where you can sell crops in Stardew Valley: the Shipping Bin and at Pierre’s General Store. 

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Where to Sell Crops in Stardew Valley

When you want to sell your crops in Stardew Valley, you will only have two choices:

  • Shipping Bin
  • Pierre’s General Store

Selling at the Shipping Bin

The Shipping Bin next to your house is the most popular location when you have to think about selling anything, ranging from fish to minerals.

The beauty of the Shipping Bin is that you can easily reach it every day.

Since you have to reach your house by nightfall, you will usually have enough time to also place all of your crops inside the Shipping Bin.

The next day, after sleeping, you will get a little screen that will tell you how much money you made from each crop that you sold.

The only problem with selling crops at the Shipping Bin is that you will have no idea what their selling price is until you actually sleep. You also lose access to them forever if you sell more than one thing at the Shipping Bin.

Selling at Pierre’s General Store

Pierre’s Store is an amazing place to sell your crops as well in Stardew Valley, as it will allow you to see the price of the items you are selling before losing them.

Most players have no idea what price crops have unless they use a guide, such as this one, and they will likely have no idea if the crop they are selling is expensive or not. This is why selling at Pierre’s is an amazing choice.

It will allow you to analyze what price you are selling at as well as visualize the price of the seeds at the same time since he will sell everything you are planting at his shop.

You can easily calculate your profit just by checking in with him after a good harvest.

There is absolutely no difference in price, so this all comes down to preference. If you want to just get rid of everything fast, the Shipping Bin is there for you on the Farm.

However, if you want to check out your selling prices, Pierre’s there waiting for you.

That’s everything you need to know about where to sell crops in Stardew Valley!

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