Fire Emblem Engage – Best Emblem + Unit Pairings

Fire Emblem Engage has many different Emblems for you to unlock during your progression of the main story, allowing for endless potential combination pairings with your Units.

However, some Emblem and Unit pairings work together much more effectively than others.

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With over 30 different Units to select from and over 15 different Emblems to pair them with, the possibilities of unique combinations in Fire Emblem Engage are endless. However, to get the best effect from your party and take advantage of each character’s strengths, you’ll want to consider your Emblem + Unit combinations very carefully.

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What Are The Best Emblem + Unit Pairings in Fire Emblem Engage?

The best Emblem and Unit pairings in Fire Emblem Engage involve combinations that enhance stats and abilities specific Emblems already have or grant additional abilities and skills that they are lacking so they can perform more effectively on the battlefield.

Truthfully, there is no correct or incorrect combination in Fire Emblem Engage, as it all comes down to your personal preference and playstyle.

However, there are a specific few combinations that work very consistently in almost all scenarios and can really help to round out your squad and buff your lineup in battle.

Emblem Marth’s Best Unit Pairings


It should come as no surprise that one of Marth’s best Unit Pairings is none other than the protagonist of the game, Alear, as Marth is the first Emblem to be introduced to the game and paired with them initially, as part of the canon.

Both Marth and Alear are Sword-wielders, meaning Alear can strongly benefit in battle from Marth’s strong swordsmanship and really maximize the effects of his abilities.

Marth is a great all-rounder stat-wise and helps to further boost Alear’s own strong all-around stat coverage, giving you the opportunity to even play them a little more aggressively, depending on the situation.

Alear also benefits from all Dragon perks provided and can run the role of a very capable Avoid Tank.


Diamant makes a great alternative option to pair with Emblem Marth, thanks to his Sword proficiency and his tanky stat block.

Marth’s Break Defenses Skill also allows Diamant to perform an additional attack when he triggers the Break mechanic on an enemy Unit.

This allows Diamant to deal another chunk of damage with his Sword and Axe weapon proficiencies.

When Diamant also triggers Marth’s Engage Skill, known as Divine Speed, he has the opportunity to strike with up to four of these attacks.

This means he effectively gets four opportunities to trigger his Sol ability, providing him with the chance to heal 50% of the damage dealt in an attack based on his Dexterity.

Emblem Sigurd’s Best Unit Pairings


Pairing Emblem Sigurd with Alfred helps correct Alfred’s stat weaknesses and transform him into a much more usable and reliable Unit.

Unfortunately, Alfred tends to underperform in comparison to the other Units acquired at the early stage of the game, meaning that he can actually struggle quite a bit without the likes of Sigurd to cover his weak points.

Sigurd gives Alfred’s Defense stat a much-needed improvement as well as boosting his Speed and Strength, allowing him to rise to challenges in combat and come out on top of fights he would have otherwise been unable to succeed in.

Lastly, Sigurd will give Alfred access to all three sides of Fire Emblem Engage’s Weapon Triangle, allowing him to utilize Lances, Swords, and Axes in combat.


Louis is already quite tanky and capable Unit to rely on in combat, so pairing him up with Sigurd only increases his effectiveness in battle.

Sigurd provides Louis with an increased range of movement, which pairs very nicely with Louis’ proficiency with Lances.

The combination of Sigurd and Louis sets the duo up as a highly-Defensive tank Unit that is now capable of keeping up with the movements of more mobile allies and enemies to remain on the frontlines.

Sigurd’s extra defense gives Louis increased opportunities to absorb damage and bait out the opportunities for allies to secure the killing blow.

Emblem Celica’s Best Unit Pairings


Celica works very well when paired with Celine due to the latter’s usage of Tomes, meaning that she benefits significantly from Celica’s increased Resistance and Magic stats.

Celine can also make good use of Celica’s Warp Ragnarok attack, and the combination of her well-rounded stats and offensive capabilities leaves the pairing with very few drawbacks.

Pairing Celica with Celine creates a very reliable Tome user for the early game, and the increased stats Celine receives from this pairing only leave her with a slight weakness in Speed, which she can make up for with her strong usage of Tomes and her natural class progression, Vidame, allowing her to add half of her Strength to all Magic attacks.


Ivy is another very powerful combination to use with Emblem Celica. Much like Celine, Ivy is a Tome user, so her stats pair up very nicely with Celica, and play quite well together.

Additionally, Celica’s Engage Skill, Echo, synergizes with Ivy to trigger her personal Skill, Single-Minded, allowing extra damage to be added after each attack.

Celica also gives Ivy more magic abilities, providing her with useful backup options when needed.

Emblem Micaiah’s Best Unit Pairings


Jean is undoubtedly the best Unit pairing for Micaiah in the first half of the game, especially due to the possibility of quickly catching up to the progression of other characters by using Micaiah’s Great Sacrifice to level Jean up quickly.

This ability to quickly grind through levels also enables Jean to really benefit from Micaiah’s Aptitude ability as soon as possible.

Keeping Jean further back from the enemy Units allows him to be used as a very strong Staff-wielder and do a lot with the combination of his own Healing powers and Michaih’s Engage abilities.

This creates a very reliable backline Unit for your team, with the only significant drawback being the temptation of reclassing Jean due to his adaptability toward filling most roles.

If you think Jean may fit better somewhere else, reassigning his spot as the default Staff user to another Unit may benefit you further down the line, as there are quite a few other Unit choices that can fit this role.


Pandreo arrives as an ally to Alear and their comrades quite a bit later than other Units, meaning he may be overlooked as a duo Unit to Emblem Micaiah.

However, Pandreo is one of the best Staff users in the game with a powerful personal skill, Party Animal.

Party Animal grants Pandreo a bonus to Hit and Avoidance equal to 3× the number of allies and foes within 2 spaces, allowing him to frontline when necessary and maintain a huge offensive impact and involvement in battle.

Pandreo also has very strong Dexterity and Speed, allowing him to land critical hits on his opponents more consistently than other Staff users.

On top of this, Pandreo has the highest Resistance growth in the game at 85%, meaning that, more often than not, he will be able to come out on top during fights against other magic users when paired with the assistance of Emblem Micaiah.

Emblem Roy’s Best Unit Pairings


As another canon Emblem + Unit pairing, Diamant operates as the most obviously best-suited choice for Roy.

By Equipping Diamant with Emblem Roy, his Strength will be further boosted, allowing Diamant to take on the role of a powerful frontline Unit.

Diamant is a Swords user, so pairing him with Diamant will allow him to benefit from his Sword-focuses Skills and Weapon.

Diamant’s ability to play aggressively on the frontline when equipped with Roy is also further enhanced by Roy’s Hold Out Skill, which makes him incapable of being KO’d by one hit, instead leaving him with at least 1 HP, as long as he has at least 30% of his max health when the combat begins.

Roy will also give Diamant a huge AOE maneuver with his Engage Attack, Blazing Lion.

This lets Diamant attack and deal damage across three squares of area and also set that terrain on fire, creating a lot of opportunities to trap and pick off enemies.

Emblem Leif’s Best Unit Pairings


Jade is a strong, Axe-wielding tank Unit who joins Alear’s party in Chapter 9 of the main story.

She has very solid Strength and HP growth, as well as a high Defense stat, allowing her to take a bit of damage and protect the more vulnerable members of Alear’s team.

Emblem Leif makes a solid pairing for Jade, as many of his Skills complement the use of Axes.

This further increases Jade’s physical capabilities in combat, allowing her to deal very consistent damage as well as continue to take incoming hits.

With her operating as a strong force on your frontline, Leif’s Engage Attack, Quadruple Hit, can allow Jade to deal severe damage and outlive some of her biggest threats.


Louis also makes a brilliant choice when it comes to pairing up Emblem Leif due to his significantly high Defense stat and reliable Strength.

Louis also does a good job at maximizing the effects of Leif’s Quadruple Attack consistently and makes solid use of the Engage Weapons.

Furthermore, thanks to Leif’s proficiency, you will even have the option to use a Second Seal and reclass Louis into other highly defensive builds.


The third and final most viable choice for Emblem Leif’s Unit pairing is Goldmary.

Goldmary is a physical Unit with a highly valuable Defense stat, which makes her quite compatible with Leif, as he will further boost these strong Defenses.

Goldmary also makes a strong frontline attacker, so Leif’s boosts to her HP, Defense, and Resistance stats all benefit her greatly and enable her to play with a highly offensive strategy in mind.

She can also inherit Leif’s Vantage++ Skill to give her offense an edge by allowing her to counter prior to the opponent attacking if her HP is under 75% and the foe initiates combat.

Emblem Lyn’s Best Unit Pairings


Chloe is a unit that naturally carries strong mobility and Speed due to her stats and her Class as a flier. Because of this, Lyn makes a very useful Emblem Pairing for her gameplay.

Chloe’s high Speed and Avoidance allow her to secure kills quickly and effectively.

Lyn boosts these skills even further, making Chloe that much more of a threat to the enemy.

Chloe can also utilize Lyn’s Astra Storm ability to pick off enemy snipers and squishier targets from range, which pairs nicely with her mobility as a flying Unit to give her lots of flexibility on the battlefield.


Alcryst and Lyn are one of the most effective and reliable Emblem + Unit pairings in Fire Emblem Engage.

Alcryst is already a very strong sniper, and Lyn only powers him up further once Alcryst starts utilizing the Skills that the pairing has to offer.

Alcryst has the ability to use more powerful bows than the average unit, which adds even more power to Lyn’s Astra Storm.

Due to his unique class, Alcryst will also benefit further from Astra Storm, receiving a +10 Range bonus. This change can turn Alryst into a deadly sniper and one of the hardest-hitting Units on Alear’s squad.

Lastly, Alcryst has high rates when it comes to both Avoidance and Criticals, meaning he’s much more likely than the average unit to hit deadly attacks, as well as possibly dodge any incoming attacks when he finds himself in combat.

There are zero drawbacks when it comes to this pairing, and it should at least be considered as one of your core team compositions.

Emblem Lucina’s Best Unit Pairings


Fogado pairs reasonably well with Emblem Lucina due to the helpful increase in Dexterity and Speed that she offers to Sword and Bow users.

This helps boost Fogado’s more important stats, allowing him to operate with a higher Crit ratio and gain more offensive potential in battle.

Fogado also has high movement and Attack range, allowing him to have an input in dealing extra damage to every battle that occurs in his vicinity.


Ivy and Lucina work as a very effective pairing for long-range spell-casting with the use of Tomes.

Elthunder, Thunder, and Thoron allow her the opportunity of creating Chain Attacks from as far as three spaces away, and Lucina also provides Ivy with a very handy push in both Speed and Dexterity.

These boosts also increase the chances of triggering Ivy’s unique Lindwurm Class Skill, Grasping Void.

Thanks to Ivy’s role as a flying Unit and the presence of her ability, Dual Assist, she can also Chain Attack from up to nine spaces away.

This makes Ivy a huge threat from a distance and turns her into a very reliable Backup Unit for Alear’s squad.


Pairing Lucina with Alcryst is another Emblem option that turns him into a ridiculously strong long-ranged sniper by further boosting his already significantly high Dexterity stat.

This pretty much turns Alcryst into a Critical hit machine, making him very deadly to go up against in combat.

Lucina’s Engage Skill allows Alcryst to protect his adjacent allies until the next turn and also pairs very nicely with Alcryst’s personal skill, Get Behind Me, to create good synergy with the pairing.

Lastly, Lucina will provide Alcryst with the use of a Sword when Engages, which helps him hit hard against the likes of Armored or Calvary Units if he needs to get up close and personal every now and again.

Emblem Ike’s Best Unit Pairings


Pairing Emblem Ike with Panette creates perhaps one of the strongest Emblem + Unit pairing possibilities in the entire game, complete with amazing synergy between their Skills.

Panette paired with Ike will result in a very aggressive and reliable Unit that has the highest HP in the game, and increased Defense, allowing Panette to take several hits during battle.

Panette’s Smash+ ability also allows her to hit enemies two tiles away from her, and pairing this with Ike’s Reposition allows for the duo to control maps with ease and ignore the drawbacks of using Smash Weapons.

Furthermore, equipping Panette with a refined Axe allows her to achieve extremely high Critical hit percentages and benefits largely from Ike’s Axe Power, turning her into a Unit with the potential to play aggressively and secure many kills.

Emblem Byleth’s Best Unit Pairings


If you opt not to pair your Alear with Marth, Byleth is the other best-suited option for the protagonist when it comes to the choice of Emblem you equip.

Alear and Byleth make such a reliable pairing, as Alear can provide stat bonuses to her entire party with the use of Byleth’s Engage Attack, Goddess Dance.

Pairing Byleth with Alear sacrifices her space on the frontline as an Avoid Tank, instead making the most of Goddess Dance and her personal Skill, Divinely Inspiring to operate as a slightly bulkier Dancer Unit.


Hortenia also benefits greatly from being paired with Emblem Byleth due to being a strong flying Support Unit but not too much of a heavy fighter, meaning she gets good value from Byleth’s Goddess Dance.

Hortenisa’s high Luck stat growth also enables her to use Byleth’s Divine Pulse to deal long-distance Tome magic attacks thanks to the Sleipnir Class.

Byleth’s Luin Engage weapon also raises the damage output of an attack based on the user’s Speed, a stat in which Hortensia is fairly solid in.

This gives her the opportunity of survival during a necessary melee combat and can be used in Support to potentially set up the Break mechanic for Hortensia’s allies.

Emblem Corrin’s Best Unit Pairings


Yunaka, without a doubt, makes the best possible Unit pairing for Emblem Corrin, and the combination of their skills creates a reliable Avoidance Tank with the potential to carry your matches.

Yunaka’s Trained to Kill Skill provides a huge +15 Critical accuracy when standing in position on top of a tile that grants Avoidance.

This pairs extremely well with the Covert Unit’s ability to double the benefits of Avoidance titles, as well as the ability to produce her own Avoidance tiles around her by using Corrin’s Dragon Vein.

Essentially, this lets Yunaka move across any location of terrain on the map without taking damage, giving her the opportunity to focus on inflicting poisons across multiple enemies with her daggers.

Furthermore, because of the Skill synergy between Yunakin and Corrin, Yunaka can be played as both a strong Avoidance Tank or a versatile Support unit, chipping away at enemy Units.

Emblem Eirika’s Best Unit Pairings


Lapis can quite easily fall behind your other Units and struggle to perform compared to her comrades, so pairing her Eirika enables her to capitalize on her high Speed.

This provides her with much more value and turns her into a useful asset for your team.

Eirika will also boost Lapis’ HP, giving her more survivability in combat and allowing her to be much more involved.

Equipping Lapis with a Brave Sword will only enhance her presence, enabling her to deal two attacks per turn and trigger Eirika’s Lunar Brace twice.

Eirika and Lapis also complement each other very nicely with use of Emblem Eirika’s Gentility Skill, which will reduce a chunk of the incoming damage Lapis takes, helping her to stay on the frontline and dish out attacks.


Merrin already has a high Avoidance rate, so pairing her up with Emblem Eirika helps to round out her weaker stats, such as Defense and Strength.

Due to the Wolf Knight Class falling under the Cavalry Unit type, Merrin receives a useful bonus from Emblem Ephraim’s attack in Emblem Eirika’s Twin Strike.

That’s it for the best Emblem + Unit pairings in Fire Emblem Engage!

Which pairings have you had the most success with in your own playthrough?

Feel free to let us know in the comments section below, and don’t forget to check out the rest of our Fire Emblem Engage guides here at Gamer Empire for plenty of more tips and tricks to assist you on your adventure through Elyos.

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