Rust – How to Get Food (Every Way)

There are only a few important survival stats in Rust, and one of them will require food to fill it up. Though food might seem like a secondary task in the game, players will often find themselves without it when they need it the most.

In most Rust teams, one of the players will usually be responsible for providing food for all of the other people around them. Since this is such an important task, you will need to know how to provide enough food for at least one character.

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Luckily, there are a few ways to get food in Rust that only require you to either walk around the map for a bit or just make your own farm.

To get food in Rust, you will either have to loot fruits and vegetables from the river banks, loot low-level monuments such as the Abandoned Supermarket, or grow your own food at your base.

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How to Get Food in Rust

There are three ways to get food in Rust:

  • Harvest Crops Next to Rivers
  • Loot Ration Boxes
  • Grow Your Own Food

Harvesting Crops

Usually, the first and third methods go hand in hand, as you will get seeds by looting raw Pumpkins or Corn, which you can then use to grow your own crops.

Players should be able to find a lot of food next to rivers, as there will be crops on each side of the river, right next to the water.

In the worst-case scenario, you will likely not find anything if other players have already gone there and harvested everything.

Still, you should look carefully, as many players can miss out on some of the crops next to the rivers.

You can easily identify a river on the map as you can see an unnatural blue line that looks like it was painted with a paintbrush going into the sea.

Now, just look around it and harvest any food crops you see there. You should get enough food to fill up your Hunger meter, which starts incredibly low when you spawn in.

Looting Boxes

There is one type of crate that will give you food every time you loot them in Rust: Ration Boxes.

Ration Boxes are small, green containers that will usually hold water and some type of food inside of them.

You can usually find these all over the map. Players can even find them while walking along the road, looting the junkpiles.

The best places to find respawnable Ration Boxes are the Abandoned Supermarket and Oxum’s Gas Station.

Since these are starter locations where players will often go to recycle and get resources, the game also places around 3 to 5 Ration Boxes inside that respawn.

One run in one of these monuments will get you enough food to last you hours. However, some players might not prefer having to deal with a lot of naked people also looking for food, which means you will have to look for them around roads and other monuments.

Growing Food

If you don’t like looking around for food every time your Hunger survival stat goes down, then you can also always grow your own crops.

If you eat food such as Pumpkins or Corn, you will also get seeds in your inventory. You can then plant these seeds either on the ground or inside a planter to grow the crops for yourself.

Lazy players can just plant the seeds close to their base on the ground, somewhere other players won’t see, and let the crops grow by themselves.

However, if you want to actually grow the best crops possible and have food for days without the chance of someone stealing them, then you can use a planter and start learning how to farm in Rust.

Still, in general, the only thing worth growing in a planter is Hemp, so you can usually just plant the food somewhere on the ground where nobody can see and reap the rewards hours later when the crops have grown.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get food in Rust!

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