How Lords of the Fallen Expands Upon the Original Cult Classic

Unleashing Darkness: Lords of the Fallen to Launch on Xbox Series X|S in October

Lords of the Fallen, built within Unreal Engine 5, offers a challenging and immersive experience with its deep customization, breathtaking environments, and colossal boss battles. On October 13, Xbox Series X|S users will finally be able to experience this world of darkness.

For exclusive bronze, silver, and gold armor tincts and bonus in-game items, pre-order Lords of the Fallen today on the Xbox Store. It has been quite a journey since the first gameplay tease of Lords of the Fallen at The Game Awards last year. Players from around the world hungered for more details and now, new details and an all-new gameplay trailer featuring Iron Maiden are here.

The newest trailer will take you deeper into the realm of Mournstead. This world is split between the land of the living and the hellish world of the dead, and forebodes malevolence for those brave enough to explore it.

A Dark Fantasy Narrative

The dark world of Mournstead is one of the main pillars for creating Lords of the Fallen. The aim is to have players be a part of the atmosphere and history by becoming enveloped and engorged by the dark fantasy narrative. Religious thematic encompasses both the gameplay and narrative, spurring the actions of all the characters involved in the grim events depicted in Lords of the Fallen.

In the game’s opening cinematic, you’ll meet one of the three faiths, Dark Crusaders, who kneel before the First Luminary Casilium. Casilium demands utmost faith from his disciples, none more so than from his war dogs–the self-righteous and indomitable aphotic war priests. The reverence they hold for their better is unwavering, accepting the boon of red sanctifying their future bloodwork in holy accordance of the Orian church.

A Vast, Interconnected World

As an Umbral revenant, players of Lords of the Fallen will soon realize the intricate nature of their existence trapped between two co-existing but opposite worlds: one of the living and the other a hellscape of corruption made manifest. The Umbral Lamp is the linchpin of this dual existence, fueling an array of dark abilities and allowing players to exist with one foot in each world. Transition between realms or flay the souls of the living by mastering these dark powers and unpeeling the Umbral layers, taking you on a grim and heroic journey of seething conflict and dark revelations.

Explosive Combat

Lords of the Fallen is cut from the same medieval grim fantasy cloth as all the other elements in the game world. Expanding on its predecessor, there are a range of ranged attacks options in the game, including spells, bows, crossbows, throwable axes, bombs, javelins, and banners. Combat is fluid and intuitive, making for an accessible pick and play experience from the first playthrough. Those who master the combat system can become gods of death in this world, seamlessly switching mid-swings between stances or charge attacks, and utilizing Umbral Lamp abilities on the fly, all without the need to switch weapons.

Final Thoughts

Lords of the Fallen will be exclusive to Xbox Series X|S users from Friday, October 13, 2023. Pre-order from the Xbox Store, and exclusive armor tincts and in-game bonus items will be yours. The world of darkness is waiting for you! Stay tuned to Lords of the Fallen’s official site and social media channels — Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube — for any further news or information.