Best March 7th team comps

Honkai: Star Rail offers an impressive selection of free 4-star characters that players can obtain while playing the game. One of these free characters is March 7th, who holds the title of bonafide mascot of the game. Although March 7th is a free character, don’t underestimate her strength. She can dish out a strong shield that can protect your team from harm. As one of your trusted companions from the Astral Express, you’ll definitely want to keep March 7th around. Therefore, we’ve prepared this guide to help you build the best team compositions for March 7th in Honkai: Star Rail.

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Honkai Star Rail: March 7th Best Team Compositions

Screenshot by PC Invasion

March 7th is classified as an Ice Preservation character, similar to Gepard. Preservation units focus on defense and keeping your team alive with shields instead of solely healing. Additionally, March 7th has a soft taunt, meaning enemies are likelier to attack an ally shielded by her. While she can provide some strong heals, her skill point consumption can be problematic when paired with characters that need to use their skill often, like Jing Yuan or Seele. Therefore, March 7th pairs best with DPS units that aren’t too reliant on their skill or do not need too many heals.

  • Clara: Clara is, without a doubt, the best teammate for March 7th. Clara deals damage through her counterattack mechanic that procs whenever an attack hits her. Besides, March 7th’s shielding is more than enough for Clara, and it also gives her a soft taunt, making enemies more likely to strike her and trigger her counterattack. It’s highly recommended to build March 7th with Clara.
  • Arlan: Arlan is a Destruction DPS unit that inflicts more damage when his HP is low. By providing a shield, March 7th can help Arlan survive at low HP thresholds, increasing his damage, and removing the need for a healer.
  • Yan Qing: Yan Qing is self-sufficient, reducing the chances that enemies will attack him while also providing himself with Crit Rate and Crit DMG buffs. Yan Qing and March 7th are both adept at triggering the Freeze ailment, which grants you a free turn. However, this team composition can be limiting with double Ice units.

Honkai: Star Rail is currently accessible for all players.