Destiny 2 now has a fishing mini-game

Many popular RPG games include fishing mini-games, and now Destiny 2 joins the list with its latest season update. Players can now take a break from shooting bandits or fighting evil to catch some fish and compete with other players in the collection game. The addition of a fishing mini-game is a treat for the loyal Destiny 2 fan base, and it adds a new level of competition for players to sink their time into.

Fishing Mini-Game in Destiny 2

The latest season of Destiny 2 introduces a fishing mini-game, and it’s what many fans have been asking for. The new element adds more hours of gameplay to the already captivating game, which many players are knee-deep in upgrading their god-rolls and armor sets. With the introduction of the fishing mini-game, players can now relax by the pond and compete with other players to catch the rarest and largest fish in the game.

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Aside from the fishing mini-game, Season of The Deep comes with a number of exciting new additions, including underwater levels, new characters, and this time, PlayStation-themed armor sets. The PlayStation exclusive gear features outfits from popular games like God of War, Ghost of Tsushima, and Horizon. It’s excellent to see that Sony is actively participating in their recent acquisition of Bungie.

If you’re interested in trying your hand at fishing, the initial missions of the season need to be completed, and a bait box is then obtained. Bait is loaded into the box once seasonal and public events get completed, and guardians can then visit various spots all over the galaxy, casting their hooks into the fishing ponds, which are indicated on the map. Hopefully, this addition is just one of many that Bungie is planning for the future. Who knows? We might even get a cooking mini-game next.