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Juggernaut Build Guide: How to Make Juggernaut Work in the Current Meta

Juggernaut is not considered a powerful hero in the current patch, with a win rate below 45% in Divine+ matches. However, some players are finding success with a new approach to playing this hero. In this guide, we analyze this approach, discuss why Juggernaut is weak right now, and explain how to build him for success.

Understanding the Current Meta: The Two Types of Carry Heroes

Currently, there are two types of carry heroes that are meta-viable: lane dominators and flash-farmers. Lane dominators like Monkey King, Ursa, and Slark can secure early kills and dominate their lanes. Flash-farmers like Medusa, Alchemist, and Terrorblade, on the other hand, have strong farming potential and can scale well into the late game. Juggernaut can be considered a lane dominator, but he struggles against popular early Vanguard builds and has limited farming potential.

Juggernaut’s Strengths

Juggernaut has several strengths that make him a viable pick in the current meta. He has one of the best BAT values in the game, one of the most reliable crits, and one of the strongest utility abilities in Healing Ward. Skilled players can leverage these strengths with the right build.

The New Juggernaut Build

The new Juggernaut build is actually the old Juggernaut build before Aghanim’s Shard was introduced. This build emphasizes a strong late game scaling, right-clicking machine that has built-in crits and strong lifesteal through talents. To achieve this, prioritize high attack speed, high physical damage, and a decent amount of HP. Opt for Power Treads instead of Phase Boots, Battle Fury instead of Maelstrom, and a Yasha derivative instead of Aghanim’s Shard. Progression should lead to Eye of Skadi or Butterfly for survivability and extra DPS, with Aghanim’s Scepter as an ideal end-game item. This build makes Juggernaut decently tanky, capable of frontline combat, siege, and assassinating priority targets with Swift Blink.

When to Pick Juggernaut

While Juggernaut can be a relatively weak hero, he does have his uses. He is especially good against heroes that restrict movement, such as Disruptor, Mars, Pangolier, or Underlord. Juggernaut is also effective against high magic damage-dealing characters who lack sufficient magic resistance, such as Crystal Maiden, Venomancer, or Skywrath Mage. Depending on the enemy draft, Juggernaut can be considered the best pick.


Juggernaut can be a powerful hero in the right hands and with the right build. However, he requires a specific approach and careful evaluation of item build priorities. In the late game, the goal is to create conditions where Juggernaut is in a numerical advantage against the enemy carry. While it is possible to play other meta carries in a default manner and achieve similar results, Juggernaut can offer a unique and rewarding playstyle.