BMW to launch in-car gaming in partnership with AirConsole

BMW has announced a new partnership with AirConsole, to integrate in-car gaming into their BMW 5 series vehicles. The AirConsole system allows players to use their mobile devices as controllers for multiplayer games through a central screen, extending the use of the partnership the company had established with BMW to bring in casual gaming for passengers to allow drivers and passengers to join in the fun while the vehicle is stationary. 

The system is already making waves within the gaming industry, as in-car entertainment systems take hold, and merges well with existing partnerships now in place between mobile game developers and other car manufacturers. For instance, Mercedes-Benz and Rovio have collaborated on Angry Birds to offer exclusive access, while Talking Tom Friends will be available on all cars working with Google automotive service integration thanks to Outfit7.

Using existing mobile gaming formats which are typically already built purely for touchscreen use saves gaming companies from adapting their games specifically for in-car use, while the touchscreens installed within vehicles limits options for viewing and touch. With partnerships like this beginning to emerge, gaming experts predict an exponential increase in adoptions of such technology among players and drivers alike.