Honkai Star Rail: Best Arlan team comps

In Honkai: Star Rail, having a solid team composition with suitable characters is essential. Even if you have a strong 5-star character, a well-invested 4-star team member can give you a better shot at victory. Arlan is a Destruction DPS character with a unique ability to deal more damage as his HP decreases. In this guide, we’ll show you the best team compositions to make the most out of Arlan’s skills.

Best Team Compositions for Arlan in Honkai: Star Rail

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Arlan is an Electric Destruction character who deals more damage with less HP. To utilize his potential, you need to keep him at low HP thresholds, which might be a challenging task. Bringing a healer might not be an excellent option for Arlan, as it will make it harder to keep his HP low. Therefore, you should choose specific characters to help Arlan stay alive while dealing massive damage. Here are our top picks for the best Arlan team compositions in Honkai: Star Rail:

  • March 7th or Gepard: These shielder characters are ideal for keeping Arlan alive at low HP thresholds. March 7th, in particular, can use shields with her Skill to single out Arlan. While Gepard can work, his shield is attached to his Ultimate, making it harder to apply shields on Arlan consistently. Alternatively, you can consider defensive characters such as Bailu or Natasha in the absence of proper shielders. Later, Arlan’s Eidolon 4 will allow him to revive once per battle, making a shielder even more essential for the team.
  • Tingyun/Bronya/Asta: Picking one of these Harmony characters as Arlan’s teammates is crucial to increase his damage output. They buff his stats and make him a more potent DPS character. As you don’t need a healer, you can feasibly run two Harmony characters to maximize the buffs on Arlan.

With these tips in mind, consider these team compositions:

  • Arlan/Tingyun/Bronya/March 7th
  • Arlan/Tingyun/Bronya/Gepard

Get started with Honkai: Star Rail now to witness Arlan’s immense power for yourself!