Honkai: Star Rail – Where To Find All Trailblazer Eidolons

The Honkai: Star Rail’s Trailblazer is a unique character in the game. Similar to Genshin Impact’s Traveler, the Trailblazer has the ability to control multiple elements and play different roles on a team. What sets the Trailblazer apart is their unique method of unlocking Eidolons, copies of characters that grant additional abilities. While most Star Rail characters get Eidolons from pulling on banners, the Trailblazer’s Eidolons come from various sources like stores.

The Trailblazer also has more than one Path, equivalent to combat roles in the game. Currently, the Trailblazer has twelve Eidolons, but this number will increase in future updates. Finding these Eidolons is more challenging than pulling them from banners, but we have a guide to help. Here’s where to find all of the Trailblazer’s current Eidolons.

Shadows of Destruction unlock Eidolons for the Physical Trailblazer, a Destruction character that wields the Physical element. These characters are known for all-around abilities that range from self-healing to flexibility between single and multi-target attacks. You can preview Trailblaze Level rewards from the Parlor Car in the Astral Express. Here are all of the Shadows of Destruction:

– Herta Space Station Prologue
– Jarilo VI – Main Story Reward
– Trailblaze Level 19 Reward
– Trailblaze Level 30 Reward
– Internal Purchase Officer on Space Station
– Underground Shop on Jarilo VI

You can earn most of the Shadows of Destruction from completing the story and raising your Trailblaze Level. The first two are from completing two story quests. Another two are from reaching a specific Trailblaze Level, which you must do to progress in the story. The remaining two come from two shops marked on the first two “planets” in Honkai: Star Rail.

Shadows of Preservation are for the Fire Trailblazer, a version of the protagonist that you get after reaching a specific point in the Honkai: Star Rail story. This Trailblazer plays a defensive role and has abilities that include reducing damage, shielding allies, and taunting enemies. You’ll need to explore Xianzhou Luofu to get four Shadows of Preservation. Here are all of the Shadows of Preservation:

– Xianzhou Luofu – Main Story Reward
– 4x Jeweler’s Pagoda on Xianzhou Luofu

At the time of writing, only five out of six Shadows of Preservation are available. One reward is for completing the Xianzhou Luofu story arc up to the “Humming Antlers, Entwined Horns” Mission. You can buy the rest from the Jeweler’s Pagoda, a shop located in the Central Starskiff Haven of the Luofu. Strales, the currency onboard the Xianzhou Luofu, come from exploring the ship and completing missions in the area. You need at least 1000 Strales to get all four Eidolons from the Jeweler’s Pagoda.

These are all the Fire Trailblazer Eidolon abilities:

– E1: Earth-Shaking Resonance
– E2: Time-Defying Tenacity
– E3: Trail-Blazing Blueprint
– E4: Nation-Building Oath
– E5: Spirit-Warming Flame
– E6: City-Forging Bulwarks

The Xianzhou Luofu story arc hasn’t concluded yet, so the last Shadow of Preservation could be a reward for completing related quests in future updates. While finding the Trailblazer’s Eidolons is more complicated than pulling them from banners, they are worth pursuing for their unique and empowering abilities.