Naughty Dog says The Last of Us multiplayer game needs “more time”

Naughty Dog recently provided an update on its upcoming multiplayer game, The Last of Us, claiming that it needs “more time to ensure the game’s quality and execution”. The studio has also been teasing what it calls as a “brand-new single-player experience” project, but it hasn’t shared much information about it yet.

The Last of Us multiplayer game’s pre-developmental phase

The Last of Us multiplayer game was initially intended to be one of the parts of the original game. Although the studio announced its separation from Part 2 in 2019, there has been barely any news about it since. Naughty Dog confirmed that it was working on the project in 2021 and promised that they would reveal more details in 2023. Neil Druckmann, the creative director at Naughty Dog, reiterated this announcement and mentioned that they would share more in the upcoming year. However, a statement released by the studio implies that they have put the upcoming reveal of The Last of Us multiplayer game on hold due to the need for more development time.

Naughty Dog’s plans for a new project

Naughty Dog is currently working on several games in development, including a new and mysterious single-player game. The studio wrote in its statement that, though it is proud of what they have accomplished thus far in development, they are aware that they need to tune their game better to meet fans’ satisfaction. Keeping this in mind, the team has decided to take more time to focus on the project. However, they haven’t revealed any more details about this new game except that they would share updates in the near future.

Speculations about Naughty Dog’s Single-Player game

Naughty Dog Studio has kept quiet about its new project, but they did post some artwork on their official studio wall that hinted at a new game. This art shows a fantasy-style wooden door with a demonic-looking figure sitting on top of it. Fans have speculated that this image might be a hint for their upcoming project. Naughty Dog hasn’t shared any more insights into this project, and fans will have to wait for the official turns to know more.

No show at PlayStation Showcase

Recently, the studio announced its absence from Sony’s recent PlayStation Showcase. The absence of studio was quite prominent and made the showcase seem lackluster, according to many fans. However, speculation is rife that Naughty Dog may be preparing a separate event that will reveal more detail on both the projects.