Switch Heroes and Save a Pixelled, Feudal Japan in Chronicles of 2 Heroes

Chronicles of 2 Heroes is a new retro platformer game where players can switch between characters in real time. Inspired by classic games such as The Messenger and Ninja Gaiden, the game combines metroidvania elements with a unique gameplay feature to create exciting and challenging gameplay. The game was recently released on Xbox Series XS, PC, and Xbox One on May 26th.


  • The game features two heroes, Kensei and Ayame, who have different, unique skillsets.
  • Players can switch between the two heroes whenever they need to solve challenges that require skills from both characters.
  • There are over 20 skills to unlock that allow for even more powerful combinations of skillsets.

The game takes place in feudal Japan where the fearsome yokai army is led by Amaterasu. Only Kensei and Ayame have trained hard enough to face the goddess and save Japan from destruction. Kensei is a samurai trained in the art of the katana and is perfect for close combat situations. On the other hand, Ayame is a ninja who prefers agility and stealth tactics.

Players will face many obstacles in their journey, but the unique switching mechanic makes it possible for Kensei and Ayame to work together and overcome them. This allows for creative gameplay strategies, where players can swap characters to use different abilities and take advantage of their unique skillsets. With over 20 skill combinations to unlock, players can take down enemies in many different ways.

If you’re a fan of retro-style platformers, Chronicles of 2 Heroes is a must-play. You can get it now on Xbox Series XS, PC, and Xbox One. Save feudal Japan from Amaterasu’s wrath and discover your favorite combinations of skills!